Democracy Essay Topics

Police in a Democratic Society

Police operation in a democratic society is characterized by several features, such as the allowance of the exercise of discretion while in the performance of official duties (Fairchild). Indeed, the use of discretion is a common feature in the exercise of powers by different practitioners in the field of criminal justice (Fairchild). The role of… View Article

Is USA a True Democracy?

United States of America is undoubtedly being praised for standing firmly for democracy in the field of political system. Likewise, in political history, America is regarded as the only country having a strong democratic form of government. Throughout history, America has always played an important role in spreading democracy around the world. Several communist countries… View Article

The Electoral System of Germany and Scotland

Democracy and elections are interwoven. Under elections, the democratic and constitutional procedure rests. The purpose of elections is to offer a limited mandate to the governor by those governed. In most cases, there are no elections without democracy, and there is no democracy without elections. However, an election alone does not guarantee democracy. When the… View Article

Political Elite Revised

Do you want to belong to the elite? Or do you sometimes feel that, in a way, you belong to the elite? Without its political meaning, the elite simply refer to a group that possesses superior qualities than the rest. It is the “cream of the crop”. In one way or another, some of us… View Article

Being and Becoming: Becoming by Being

Pre-Socratic era was marked by periods from Thales of Miletus until that period when Socrates philosophy was yet to be born.  It was during this period when the fundamentals of science (both natural and social were being founded using scientific research and inquiry, and where philosophy and practical science were still married.  Sophos tried to… View Article

Democracy In Queensland

Democracy is a form of government wherein the regime that would be formed or was formed in a certain nation is based on vox populi (“voice of the people”) and or the rule of the majority. Furthermore, in this type of government, the consent of the governed is still based on the majority with an… View Article


In its simplest term, democracy literally means the rule of the people. It came from the Greek word “demos” which means people and “kratos” which means rule. (“Democracy”) The term democracy was first coined in Ancient Greece. Democracy in Greece was understood to mean the selection of ordinary citizens to government office and courts and… View Article

The Right to Education

One aspect that educators should me most aware of is that education should not be commercialized. If one wants to make money, he should not invest in education. Education is a  right and not a privilege. Being a basic right, education should be accessible to all regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin,… View Article

Role of Civil Society in Good Governance

With the change of the century, globalisation and development have increased at a very rapid rate. The technological and economic aspects of this development have led to a huge increase in the development of civil services and social dependence on them. The concept of civil society can be dated back to approximately 2500 years ago… View Article

Elements That Influence State Government

The special interest group we are going to look at is the Sierra Club. The sierra club is a body of volunteers that come together to fight for the environment. This interest group has offices in every state in the union. As we look at the Sierra Club in whole we will describe what this… View Article

Elements of Democracy and Constitutionalism

The 16th president of the United States of America explained it succinctly. Democracy, that is. Democracy is a government system adopted by many nations. It is perhaps one of the oldest forms of political rule, one that transcends over time.. Democracy and constitution are just two of the numerous theories that origin in Greece, one… View Article

Hypocrisy in Democracy

Freedom of Speech Silence What is democracy? Democracy is a form of government where the people rule, not a dictator, a king or aristocrats. Democracy means that people have a say in law and state. This is impossible to do without a voice. How are people supposed to run the government if they aren’t allowed… View Article

Is Parliamentarism Conducive to Better Political Outcomes Than Presidential Systems?

Is Parliamentarism conducive to better political outcomes than Presidential systems? My interpretation of the question leads me to believe if parliamentary systems are better than presidential systems in deriving better political outcomes. By better political outcomes this implies not only ease of making political decisions but also the manner in which the two systems function… View Article

Behaviour Issues and Classroom Management

Part 1 . Identify and explore Behaviour issues and classroom management. 3. Importance of classroom management Students need to feel a sense of community. Relationships and Experiences. Classroom management and behaviour issues are directly relate to how students feel. 4. Issues relating to behaviour and manaegment A teachers beliefs and values influence classroom environment …. View Article

An Educated Citizenry is essential to maintain Democracy

In order to establish a concrete opinion on whether or not an educated citizenry is necessary to maintain a democracy, its meaning and definition should be well-understood. B y knowing the definition of educated citizenry and democracy, a link can be established as to its relationship and a learned analysis and concrete conclusion can be… View Article

Reagan Revolution Through President Obama

Ronald Wilson Reagan was the fortieth president of the United States of America. He was well known for his economic policies during his first term, which later on became well known as Reaganomics. This policy included large tax cuts which was started and implemented in 1981 Reaganomics ‘ was told to rejuvenate the morale of… View Article

The Betrayal of Julius Caesar

1- Julius Caesar lives in Rome, Italy. Some of his most famous battles were in Alesia, Pharsalus, Zela, and Munda. ( 2- Brutus spent much of his adult life in Rome, Italy. ( 3- Caesar was born in 100 BCE and died 44 BCE. He may have lived longer if he lived in modern times…. View Article

Should We Teach Patriotism in Schools

Philosophic education is non-debatable. There is no difference between Christian and Muslim physics or upper and lower class biology (Galston, 1998, p. 470). However, civic education and its purpose served will always be debated. Civic education is about the formation of individuals who can effectively conduct their livers within their political community. Civic education in… View Article

The White House

Otherness is the act of one group or individual viewing another as inferior because of apparent differences, often to bestow feelings of self-importance on themselves. Otherness can be found in a variety of forms. The person or group labeled as “other” may be different race, religion, social class, etc. Claude McKay’s poem “White House” is… View Article

Affirmative Action Policy: Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination

Question 1: Is the affirmative action policy morally defensible? Explain. Yes affirmative action is morally defensible in that: South Africa has been characterised by many years of workplace inequities and imbalances of the past particularly blacks who were treated in an inhumane manner and denigration. In 1994 the new democratic government came into power and… View Article

Jacksonian Democracy Dbq

During the 1828 election when Jackson ran for office the second time he succeeded, as he did previously, but this time nothing stood in his way of becoming president. The Jacksonian Democracy that Jackson had brought into the government when he was elected was a true democratic movement that was dedicated to it’s egalitarian views…. View Article

The Roles of a Citizen in a Democracy

A Democracy is a type of government that is for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office. The people are the ones who decide what they want and who they want to represent them, usually by a majority vote. But who exactly… View Article

Beginnings of Democracy

As time went by and sedentary conditions began to stabilize, the relations between the king, council and assembly changed as well. The council proved to be more resilient than the king and disputes on succession and opposition to a weak king did not help to improve the status of monarchy. It was imminent that the… View Article

The Role of Engineer in Nation Building

Why should a privileged person help an underprivileged person? As the definition suggests that the privileged person is someone who is having the special rights, advantages or immunities or having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure. On the other hand the unprivileged person is someone who is not enjoying the same… View Article

Arguments for and Against Term Limits

My research indicated there is more public support for term limits. The most common reason was voters feel dissatisfied and misrepresented by the candidate in office. It is believed that career politicians are elitists and do not have a clear understanding of what “real” people are dealing with or need. Term limits would create an… View Article

Australian Democracy

Australia is run by a democratic system at all 3 levels of government (Federal, State and Local). Democracy means in Greek “rule by the governed”. A democrary has key fundermentals that sustains that type of leadership. In a perfect democracy every citizen has equal accessible amount of power and freedom. In Australia everyone Australian citizen… View Article

Democracy V/s Dictatorship

Outline: 1. Government is the indispensable necessity of any country. 2. What is democracy? 3. Democracy is considered the best form of government. 4. Democracy is distorted in the third world countries. 5. Democracy has a large many advantages. 6. Democracy is not devoid of disadvantages. 7. There are certain requisites for successful democracy. 8…. View Article

Iron Jawed Angels

For Americans, the right to vote is so taken for granted I have especially seen this recently with the amount of people who have decided to just not vote. It’s hard to believe it was unavailable to the country’s women until 1920, and not until after quite a fight and yet we still have so… View Article

Chinese Politics

Subject: Chinese media need democratizing and building up credibility Recommendations: Chinese media can be more democratic and credible by reporting timely, openly and accurately; getting officials involved into social media and setting up Journalism Award to recognize outstanding news organizations and individual journalists. Summary: This memo introduces the autonomy of Chinese media and the increasing… View Article