Democracy Essay Topics

The Efficacy of the Ghanaian Democratic Experiment

The hackneyed, yet apt and succinct, definition of Democracy by Abraham Lincoln as contained in the concluding part of his famous Gettysburg Address as ‘’…government of the people, by the people, for the people…’’ remains today as the most quoted statement on Democracy. However, a careful examination of our democratic experiment leaves one to wonder… View Article

Sustaining democracy

The media has placed different personalities under scrutiny. This is beneficial on the side of the masses since they get to know who more about the officials and public affairs. Vecause of this the media have had their share of lawsuits from different individuals whose reputation has been put at stake due to their stories…. View Article

Sudan in Crisis: The Failure of Democracy by Norman G. Anderson

Norman G. Anderson in his book “Sudan in Crisis: The Failure of Democracy” focuses on the period from May 1986 to June 1989 during which a promising North African democracy brought its own overthrow by Islamic militants that resulted from its inability to solve domestic and foreign problems. Sudan received its independence in 1956 and… View Article

Is Democracy good for women?

Democracy without women is no democracy! (Declaration … of Independent Women’s Democratic Initiative 1991:127) Women have tried to change the contours of a male-defined concept of democracy and assert the struggles for democracy which have been present within women’s movements as integral to a democratic body politic. (Rowbotham 1986: 106-107) Democracy is not something which,… View Article

The Pro’s of Democracy

Abstract This paper looks into democracy as the answer to global terrorism by elucidating on the elements granted by a democratic society to its people. By granting rights to individuals, several responsibilities are also expected from these individuals inasmuch as the general welfare of the nation’s population and the rest of the world. The paper… View Article

Islam and the Challenge of Democracy

Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl is the most prolific of the Islamic thinkers of today’s world. He is a great Islamic jurist and scholar, and is now a Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law giving the students knowledge of Islamic law, Immigration, Human Rights, International and National Security Law. His Islam and… View Article

Persuasive speech

`Americans should be considered equal and allowed the opportunity to marry a person of the same sex if they desire`.                For years, marriage has been defined as the union of a man and woman. In fact, in the United States, the Defense of Marriage Act has been passed by the Congress. This has prohibited… View Article

Which of the case study countries the most democratic?

Democratic system of government is considered in cotemporary political world as the most ideal form of governance. Though, the tradition of democracy dates back to the ancient Greek universal form of democracy; where all stakeholders and matured people of age gather in the city square to deliberate and contribute to issues of national interest, the… View Article

The Internet And The Democratic Process

The Internet has literally revolutionized the way we live, radically changing the way we receive and disseminate information. It has had dramatic effects on business, education, and society in general, but the focus of this paper will be on how the Internet has affected the democratic process of election. In recent years, the way campaigns… View Article

Liberal democracy

As a citizen of a democratic country, we depend too much in our newspapers, magazines, tabloids and all kinds of media for information, mainly because almost everything is shown in it, we don’t even know whether it is true or not, but because this is our flow of society we believe in it. But isn’t… View Article

John Locke helped create Modern Democracy

John Locke was an English philosopher and was considered as the first British Empiricists. His contributions proved great importance to the development of epistemology and political philosophy during those times, and is regarded as the most influential thinker to contribute to the liberal theory of government. As a whole, John Locke’s importance is reflected by… View Article

The US-Iranian relations

The US-Iranian relations have been relatively tense during the last decades. The reasons are primarily related to the adversity of the Tehran regime that has reached a new level of intensity since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. This is why it is important for the US to consider its strategy towards Iran especially due… View Article

The United States Of Contradiction

Few countries on the planet are as diversely classified by other nations as the United States.  Some countries see the U.S. as a great democratic leader, ripe with opportunities for individuals and nations that share their ideals.  Other countries view the U.S. as an international bully, imposing its will through the world’s most technologically advanced… View Article

The United States Was Great Country

In United States in eighteenth century, It was the land of dreams for people who wants to have work in the United States.It  started the democracy in this state, the declaration of the independence of United State. Giving the opportunity of the people to stand in their human rights. One of the founder of the… View Article

Stagnant Democracy

Democracy, whether in its early or current state, needs constant improvement even if it is a government system that is highly respectful of its constituents.             Henry David Thoreau lived at a time when democracy was finally being recognized as oppressive in itself because the governing system was becoming stagnant.  The laws that citizens had… View Article

Three Mile Island

INTRODUCTION             The “Three Mile Island incident” stands not only as a reminder of the potential hazards of nuclear power, but of the potential hazards of an economically driven society and a government infiltrated by corporate interests. The events behind the most dangerous nuclear accident in American history are as straightforward as they are alarming;… View Article

Foreign Policy

Tension between the need for a peace without victory and the nightmare of a mighty European super-state subject by one power formed a fundamental dynamic of liberal internationalism with regard to the First World War. These contradictory, yet oddly complementary, principles and self-interests necessitated the formation of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF). American politico-military policy… View Article

Deliberative Democracy

To what extent is deliberative democracy an appropriate approach for resolving public policy problems? Definition of democracy. Deliberative approach as a type of democracy. Types of cases, when deliberative democracy is substituted by other types of democracy. The power of majority or the power of nation The power of minority or the power of representatives… View Article

Democracy and Pragmatism Philosophies: Approaches to “The Grapes of Wrath”

In 1939, “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck formed an agitation of excitement and controversy upon its emancipation. The book forced the American public into a heightened awareness of national consciousness. Influenced by the thoughts of several dominant American philosophies such as transcendentalism, democracy and pragmatism, Steinbeck creates a masterpiece that edifies Americans about… View Article

Police in a Democratic Society

Police operation in a democratic society is characterized by several features, such as the allowance of the exercise of discretion while in the performance of official duties (Fairchild). Indeed, the use of discretion is a common feature in the exercise of powers by different practitioners in the field of criminal justice (Fairchild). The role of… View Article

Is USA a True Democracy?

United States of America is undoubtedly being praised for standing firmly for democracy in the field of political system. Likewise, in political history, America is regarded as the only country having a strong democratic form of government. Throughout history, America has always played an important role in spreading democracy around the world. Several communist countries… View Article

The Electoral System of Germany and Scotland

Democracy and elections are interwoven. Under elections, the democratic and constitutional procedure rests. The purpose of elections is to offer a limited mandate to the governor by those governed. In most cases, there are no elections without democracy, and there is no democracy without elections. However, an election alone does not guarantee democracy. When the… View Article

Political Elite Revised

Do you want to belong to the elite? Or do you sometimes feel that, in a way, you belong to the elite? Without its political meaning, the elite simply refer to a group that possesses superior qualities than the rest. It is the “cream of the crop”. In one way or another, some of us… View Article

Being and Becoming: Becoming by Being

Pre-Socratic era was marked by periods from Thales of Miletus until that period when Socrates philosophy was yet to be born.  It was during this period when the fundamentals of science (both natural and social were being founded using scientific research and inquiry, and where philosophy and practical science were still married.  Sophos tried to… View Article

Democracy In Queensland

Democracy is a form of government wherein the regime that would be formed or was formed in a certain nation is based on vox populi (“voice of the people”) and or the rule of the majority. Furthermore, in this type of government, the consent of the governed is still based on the majority with an… View Article


In its simplest term, democracy literally means the rule of the people. It came from the Greek word “demos” which means people and “kratos” which means rule. (“Democracy”) The term democracy was first coined in Ancient Greece. Democracy in Greece was understood to mean the selection of ordinary citizens to government office and courts and… View Article

The Right to Education

One aspect that educators should me most aware of is that education should not be commercialized. If one wants to make money, he should not invest in education. Education is a  right and not a privilege. Being a basic right, education should be accessible to all regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin,… View Article

Role of Civil Society in Good Governance

With the change of the century, globalisation and development have increased at a very rapid rate. The technological and economic aspects of this development have led to a huge increase in the development of civil services and social dependence on them. The concept of civil society can be dated back to approximately 2500 years ago… View Article