Meetings with leaders and activists

King's movement promoted blacks' rights that the white people refused to acknowledge and fought to prohibit, but the form in which this struggle took made the government show a little cooperation with it. The government had a lot of meetings with leaders and activists such as Martin Luther King meeting with President Dwight Eisenhower in 1957. Another example was when king marched along with his fellow blacks and white sympathizers in a civil rights rally to segregated cities facing violent counterattacks by whites.

This could only mean the determination black people to get their freedom will pay off and finally will "Let the freedom Ring". A year Later President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill in 1964. King's non-violent method was a result of his study and his belief in the Christian doctrine and the faith in the determination of the African Americans to obtain their freedom. His inspiration could also be maintained and enhanced by Gandhi's methodology.

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King Visited India to study Mohandas Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence, which characterized the civil rights movement in bus boycotts.

Gandhi's fought the British with his nonviolent policy that united all Indians in a common cause. He tolerated the violence and vicious actions towards his people in order to get their freedom. His famous attitude was not to evoke the British troops even when he was jailed. King in his speech I have a Dream at the Lincoln memorial (Washington D. C) in the year 1963 stated," In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds.

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Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. " (Taylor Branch, 1989, 75).

The dream of the African American

The dream of the African American is to be equal with others and to have what whites have. This dream can only be accomplished by the peaceful march into the hearts and the minds of the white people. Emperor's influence the resist and containing trust in God in satisfying the vision. He promoted African American to not to turn into pessimistic in efforts and also not to move reverse to the practice of aggression to attain independence. His thoughts were similar to Cabral’s thoughts about communal opposition which result in reaction of community anti by share out their customs.

Cabral also positive the public to obtain a peaceful tactic in the quest of independence. Which tactic via in cooperation of Cabral and King were conflicted by lots of protesters in the voyage of releasing the Negroes' crippled independence and privileges. By Malcolm X claimed that aggression was desired pro a "real revolution". Malcolm disproved King's argue of a Black rebellion by claiming to a rebellion needs violence and conflict in favor of the rights of ground. Similar to Douglass, Nat Turner and Malcolm pretended the effort of calm rebellion and assembled darks to practice strength to acquire their privileges.

The administration observed the consequence of leaders as Malcolm on community which troupes accepted as the Dark Panthers. This troop appeared as soon as the murder of Malcolm X in February 1965, and welcome the motto that is “by any means necessary. ” The administration had to encourage the passive progress by caution to stay in power particularly subsequent to the mutiny in Watts’s part in Los Angeles ghettos. The actual control of the darks terror. The aggressive exercise outcome terror which might supplied to the accomplishment of the conflicting exercise.

Major demonstrations were the product of king's nonviolent movement which filled the journey of the civil rights with examples and marked its importance. The march in Selma, Ala to the state capital in Montgomery was one of the series of the nonviolent demonstrations by black that opposed the violent attitude of others which gave it a national wide support of both white and black all over the country and resulted in the Voting Rights Act in 1965. The expansion of king's dogma to other cities like Atlanta in Georgia launched the first massive campaign blacks' freedom.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Many groups were formed such as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) (Taylor Branch, 1989, 45) which was one of the associations that expanded from Montgomery. The SNCC increased the activists among students who could be a strong group if controlled, but this was difficult as the students grew more militant which could jeopardize the whole struggle. Activist of the SNCC wanted more militant action which opposed to king's dogma. He came out of Atlanta without achieving anything.

The nonviolent mode of the civil rights movement had made all the difference in shaping the mold of their freedom. The southern peaceful cause was a success in the journey of the blacks' struggle. Leaders could disagree with methods used but they sure would agree on one aim; which is the freedom of the African American people. King's achievements led to his winning the Noble Peace Prize in December 1963 for his efforts of nonviolent and peaceful struggle which was not for him as a person but as leader of great people who this prize was the result of their efforts.

The diplomatic approaches proved its efficiency refute others who think only of the armed and violent struggle as the way to accomplish aims. Everyone was functioning headed for the similar aim; independence to African community everywhere on earth. Certain favor Malcolm and Turner claimed that rebellion and strength was essential to acquire independence though King and Cabral both assembled for peaceful way to get independence and sameness, since which is the merely method to achieve the help and understanding of together the administration and the individuals.

The March on Washington

Understanding which might compel the administration terror separation in the state and fright of awful promotion as a main independent state. Latterly the process demonstrated to come off was the peaceful which outcome in the achievement of the major communal privileges progress in the past of American African nation. As years past the struggle continued with several more events taking place in different parts of the nation. One particular event which is considered to be the turning point of the Freedom Movement took place in Washington during the Kennedy administration.

The March on Washington of 1963 was a two-way attempt of all of the most important civil rights associations, the further progressive division of the manual labor association, and additional open-minded association. The demonstration had six administrator goals: “significant communal rights laws, an enormous central works agenda, complete and reasonable service, well-mannered accommodation, the accurate right to cast your vote, and sufficient incorporated instructions” (Charles A. Wills and David Halberstam, 2005, 94).

Of these, the march’s genuine focal point was on the passageway of the social rights law the Kennedy Administration had projected after the turmoil in Birmingham. The march on Washington was a true success, although not without controversy. A predictable 200,000 to 300,000 supporters got together in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. King conveyed his well-known I have a Dream Speech” (Charles A. Wills and David Halberstam, 2005, 94). The nationwide media covered each and every moment of the occasion, giving the March countrywide publicity, carrying the organizers’ vocalizations and contribution their own observations.

After the march, King and other universal human rights leaders met with President Kennedy and his employees at the white House. At the same time as the Kennedy Administration emerged to be genuinely dedicated to passing the statement, it was not obvious that it had the choice to do it. During the course of history the civil rights movement was the talk in everyone’s conversation. They asked themselves, why me? Why can’t I be treated equally? And many other questions. I believe the reason for the unfair treatment of African Americans came about from the hesitation of change.

The Freedom Movement

American’s highly dislike drastic changes in their lives, which is the reason why it took so long for the African American community to be noticed. But once noticed African Americans became recognized for their struggles and accomplishments during the Freedom Movement. Dr. King went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, others where giving a unique position in History such as Rosa Parks who we know as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movements. America has come a long way with this issue, from not allowing them to vote to know serving in office. Even to the election of the first African American President.

As the world changes we move now to new and unique situations. The civil rights movement seemed like forever ago but a new group of minorities are being targeted now for their own rights. Yes a modern day movement for those of the LGBT society. American’s brace your selves for the modern civil rights movement (Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, 2008, 20). Conclusion: It was clear that the civil rights movement had worked a fundamental change in the consciousness of young Americans, white as well as black. The century-old social order that had crumbled in the 1960’s now seemed incomprehensible to young black Americans.

A black student in Selma made this observation about her parents’ world: “Try as you can, you can’t believe that white people once treated black people that way. It seems like something that happened long, long ago. ” Though one might wish for better historical imagination, perhaps incredulity is not an unreasonable response to the first three centuries of the black presence in America. Despite the many troubling problems that remained, there was in the middle 1980’s no reason to fear that blacks would pull back from their centuries-old struggle for equality and justice.

The pace and extent of progress would surely depend on broader changes yet to come in the national economy and in the political will and racial attitudes of white Americans. But the civil rights movement had established that blacks, themselves could be instrumental in changing these for the better.


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