Death and Dying Essay

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Death and Dying

How the management of death has changed for patients and families in the last 25 years. Hospice: Care for the terminally ill.

Modern Medicine: New medicines and medical technology

Home Care: In home care given by love ones

Nursing home: Home for the elderly who are ill and can’t take care of themselves

Five stage of Emotions
Denial: telling ourselves that this is not happing that everything will be ok.

Rage and Anger: People become physically and verbally violent and blame God for what is going on.

Bargaining: Loss attempt to start bargaining to regain all or part of the loss

Depression: Become isolated tell themselves the loss is truly sad and awful and them even start using drugs Acceptance: Fully acknowledges the loss, accepting the loss, and have begun working on coping with the death.

Living Will
All so know as Advanced Directives is a written document that states your personal wishes regarding healthcare treatment in the event you’re unable to talk Power of Attorney is often a part of a person living will that identifies and designates your personal representative to make the medical decisions for you You also need to talk to your doctor to make sure they are aware that you have a living will and discuss the details of the documents with them.

Good Death
Being Comfortable: having access to any spiritual and or emotion support to know death is coming and how to handle it. Being in Control: being able to control what is happing control pain and other symptom having control over where the death will occur Sense of Closure: allows a person to die on their own terms, having time to say goodbye Family Care: Access to information and expertise when necessary

Meet needs Late Adult
Indentify: Assist with known burdens the clients is having by providing resources and opportunities to alleviate the problems Educate: ensure that patients and families as knowledgeable of what is going on Communication: is the key but be sensitive

Respect: Not matter of the race, religion, or sexuality treat the patient with respect Assist: provided resources to help the family, stay active and social

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