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"Daughter of Elysium"

Categories Art, Death And Dying, Film, Literature, Music

Essay, Pages 4 (929 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (929 words)

Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus has put the classical and Christian attitude of the concept of the afterlife as he has said that the curse, hellfire, eternal punishment does not bother him, this does not terrify him, and he was mistaken in the wondrous nature of Elysium and the environment of hell.

Modern Culture

The notion and the word Elysium presently have had widespread values, in music, art, film, and literature the essence and vision of the Elysium can be found.

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Play Writes

The instance is an American playwright Tennessee Williams, play A Streetcar Named Desire; in the zone of Elysian fields, New Orleans, where Elysian fields refer to a place where the life is purely known as it is. Pure from classism and worries. Where the character Blanche, just gone by a road through two streetcars named Cemeteries and Desire incoming at Elysian Fields.In accordance with the relevance of the context. She went through a route of life (Desire), preceding death (Cemeteries), to heaven ( Elysian fields ).

As in the classical myth tradition of the streetcar , she visits heaven through it. It appears through the context that the other characters’ friends, Stanley and Stella, are happy as they tend to be in heaven whereas Blanche is in pre-happiness condition, as all of who are living on earth feel.

The second act of Elmer Rice’s The Adding Machine and Adding Machine (musical), a musical version of it was brought up by the New Orleans’ Elysian Fields. It only plays on the two halves.

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The first half of the account points to the realistic and enclosed life lead by the character Mr. Zero, who is being assaulted at home and abused by the boss, eventually, he kills his boss. In contrast to this the second half, depicts a strange danger in his eternal life. Where he exits with limitless chances and numberless selections. The one constant thing throughout the play is the character himself, and the journey he chooses from all that he has imagined.

Public standing is the standard through which people are numbered, and so is Mr. zero numbered zero because he somewhat exactly is a zero. He is futureless. He is exactly the adding machine, whose life solely consists of just adding the numbers. He has an insensitive wife who has always been a fed up personality. He was bound to the routine and soul, was bottled up unless he murdered his boss and this was the time when he let his desires to be ruled.

This first half is the refection of his empty, irritating, and meaningless life. It is difficult to understand what is wrong with Mr. zero. He is a racist, boring, and annoyingly complaining person and discriminates against the Jews. There is no way one can hate him because he is stuck in a small world, incapable of escape, he holds the burden of worthless responsibilities. He is drained with hatred and self-guilt, he walks down on the tapered streets to find his lost self, to make a choice, to let his bottled-up desires come true that in any possible way release him from the stress he has been in. There is no way one can hate him because before his implementation to do such an unexpected thing slow down harmonies. He is like an animal that has been raised in custody, completely unable of grasping instead of feeling detached from the original natural world.

The second half assists to show that thou he is in Elysian fields given the absolute freedom, where he could be forever free, where he could find the true love of his life still at that point he chooses to be again the old adding machine. This scene highlights the unconnected issue of free will and no free will. But for sure interestingly suggests that it is the addictive drug for the isolated masse that attempt to lose oneself in the love. This play is referred to as those who temp to understand the condition of humanity in the 21st century.

In the last scene of the play, Mr. zero is told that now he has to return to earth and has to do all again and is told about the blunt truths about his situations. According to the thought of the play writer, once a person is aware of its in different situations, he works upon to change it. But sadly many who are actually aware of their situation, never struggle to change it those are the once who will probably desire, that Mr. zero to lose his memory and as an ideal would lean to his innocence.

The Elysium is also referenced in the native title Die Zauberflte (The Magic Flute), by an influential composer of the classical era Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He has described what it feels to have the dream girl, the main idea is to live life as a wise man and to feel like one is in Elysium. The characters involved are a fine-looking prince, a princess who has been kidnapped, a troubled queen, and a faithful partner of the prince to create the fanciful imagination in the play the magic flute. There is a beautiful account for the beautiful description of the girl as he stated the fanciful of beauty the old and forehead as Elysium fields. Hairs referred to as garden lands, this unique performance of the Mozart is a combination of melody, mystic, fairy tale, and myth to convey the message of love, it concurs all. It is conducted by Thierry Fischer the music director of Utah Symphony.

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