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Applications of Data Mining in the areas of Marketing Communications

Introduction In the information age, technological advancements have facilitated the collection of large amounts of information on various fields to include military intelligence, scientific and business data amongst several others. Computers are able to sort out this data with the aid of database management systems. Data can be classified according to predefined criteria. Data mining involves the extraction of implicit and useful information from databases. Use of relational databases is more helpful in the sense that it allows linkage with…...

Information Businness

1. What management, organization, and technology factors were behind the Cincinnati Zoo losing opportunities to increase revenue Three main reasons why investments in information technology do not always produce positive results - Information quality which mean High-quality decisions require high-quality information - Management filters which mean Managers have selective attention and have variety of biases that reject information that does not conform to prior conceptions - Organizational inertia and politics which meStrong forces within organizations resist making decisions calling for…...

Student information system

1.0 Introduction Student Information Systems (SIS) manages student records and information. A Student Information System provides a capability to view the student records. It includes student status, grades and the remaining accounts. A Student Information System helps schools mange various operations including student data, accounts, and viewing grades on previous semester. Students preferred to have guide and easy transaction like release of records, enrolment and many more. These are demands that institutions should come up with. They need technology which…...

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Data mining techniques

2.1Assuming that data mining techniques are to be used in the following cases, identify whether the task required is supervised or unsupervised learning. a.Supervised-Deciding whether to issue a loan to an applicant based on demographic and financial data (with reference to a database of similar data on prior customers). b.Unsupervised-In an online bookstore, making recommendations to customers concerning additional items to buy based on the buying patterns in prior transactions. c.Supervised-Identifying a network data packet as dangerous (virus, hacker attack)…...

1984 - Reflection Paper

Our postmodern society has become dependent upon twenty-first century technology. This technology is developed to make our lives easier, more efficient, to encourage communication, and to enhance the quality of experience. Our society craves the latest technological fads and Internet crazes. We've become addicted to an entity that promises us a bigger, better, & brighter future. However, while technology appears to have made our lives easier in some respect, it has raised numerous issues that challenge the moral framework of…...

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Introduction The abbreviation CRM is Client Relationship Management and defined as it is a process to create a solid relationship with the customer and to know all the more about the client needs. Stronger associations with the clients will help in the improvement of the business. This process also helps to customer by getting the information about customer needs and what they desires from reputed company. CRM makes the utilization of innovation and human assets for the advancement of the…...

Analysis and Interpretation

Data analysis and data interpretation are closely related, but have different meanings. Lets first define the meaning of the word data. Data is defined as factual information that can be used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. There are several different types of data. It can also be defined as information output by a sensing device or organ that includes both useful and irrelevant or redundant information and must be processed to be meaningful. Now that data has…...

Preparing for the BMAT

The biomedical admissions test was created to assist medical and veterinary schools in the admissions process. Some of the universities have much more applications than places and the majority of these applications are strong. The BMAT allows the universities to filter out the strongest candidates based on exam performance. The BMAT exam lasts for 2 hours and is split into 3 sections. The examination test date is 31st October 2008. This article will aim to provide you with some advice…...

Data Mining Analysis Report

Collecting complete and precise information of overall goods investing requires the access to spend data from all relevant sources both within and outside the business. Excellent data can not be gathered when spend analysis is not supported by stakeholders including customers, suppliers, and internal customers. Type a spend analysis group The company requires to realize that invest analysis is too vital to be appointed as an additional responsibility of buying department. An invest analysis team need to be formed and…...

Data Warehouses, Decision Support and Data Mining

This paper provides an overview of data warehousing and OLAP technologies by using back end tools for extracting, cleaning and loading data into a data warehouse; multidimensional data models typical of OLAP; front end client tools for querying and data analysis; server extensions for efficient query processing, with an emphasis on Applications for Data Warehouses such as Decision Support Systems (DSS), On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Data Mining to deliver advanced capabilities. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Data Warehousing Architecture and…...

IT 500 Module 4 Critical Thinking

Information Systems and Controls AssessmentAmjad Arafah180010094IT 500 " Business and Information TechnologySaudi Electronic University " Riyadh CampusDr. Mohammed JarrayaJune 21, 2019Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc12051059 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc12051060 h 3Big Data Analytics PAGEREF _Toc12051061 h 3Using Big Data Analytics PAGEREF _Toc12051062 h 4Customer Acquisition and Retention-related factors PAGEREF _Toc12051063 h 4Advertisement Problems and New Marketing Ideas PAGEREF _Toc12051064 h 4Risk Management PAGEREF _Toc12051065 h 4Proper Guidance for Innovations and Product Development…...

International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Open Access

Abstract Weather is the state of atmosphere at a particular time and place with regard to temperature, moisture, air pressure, precipitation etc. Bio organisms need to adapt with the changing atmospheric conditions. It is therefore important to know the atmospheric condition for different applications. The interest is to design of Arduino with sensors which can provide the information of weather from anywhere without using Network. Here a hardware model has been designed and implemented. It is difcult to get accurate…...

Data Mining in Banking and Financial Services

Abstract Data mining is one of the most essential fields which is growing with rapid in technologies of information technology and data mining is also becoming purposefully important area for many business companies including banking and financial service industries. Data mining the is a process of evaluating the data from various point of view and summing it into useful information. Data mining help the banks and financial service to identify the uncommon pattern i.e hidden pattern in group of customers…...

Diabetes Datasets Using Data Mining

ANALAYSIS AND PREDICTION OF DIABETES DATASETS USING DATA MINNING CLASSIFICATION TECHNIQUES ABSTRACT Data mining is the process of sorting through large data sets to identify patterns and establish relationships to solve problems through data analysis. Data mining tools allow enterprises to predict future trends. According to WHO 2014 report, around 422 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes. This methods strongly based on data mining techniques can be effectively applied for high blood pressure risk prediction. In this paper, we…...

Precision Agriculture

Today energy resources have become scarcer and so additional valuable. In conjunction with the growth over the last century, the necessity for locating new, additional economical, and property ways of agricultural cultivation and food production has become additional crucial. To facilitate this method, we are designing, building, and evaluating a system for exactness agriculture that provides farmers with helpful information regarding the crop prediction based on NPK values of soil, the water offer, and additionally, the general data of the…...

Secure Distributed Data Mining

Chapter 2Literature Survey and Problem DefinitionThis chapter provides the related work done so far in this section giving some preliminary definitions that will be used during this dissertation and focusing on conceptual aspects of distributed association rule mining systems. Section 2.1 gives a description of existing techniques and their methodology for distributed data mining. Section 2.2 describes the problem definition and objectives for secure distributed data mining system.2.1 Literature SurveyHere surveys of various existing approaches for secure distributed data mining…...

A Novel Method Of Combining Trust

There is data boom going on currently in the world. We are living in the world of data, where data has changed the landscape of doing business. According to a research there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day. In the last five years, more than 1 billion users have joined the internet. Mobile phones are reshaping the way we are connected to each other. More and more websites are being created every day. About 90…...

13 Thesis Organization

Thesis Organization The thesis is structured as follow: In chapter 2 detailed study of High Utility Itemsets Mining is discussed with major emphasis is on various remarkable contributions in this emerging area. In this chapter literature of the various techniques and current scenario of research in mining high utility itemsets have presented also advantages and limitations of various techniques for HUIM have presented. Section 2.1 focused on the study of Data Mining. In Section 2.2 literature review of Association Rule…...

Geological Methods and Archaeological Methods

This is regarded as faunal remains. Radiocarbon dating is one technique that could be utilised to determine whether feature 202, is a pit that can be dated back to either the Bronze Age or the Late Iron Age. Aurochs is a species that was virtually extinct in Britain by the Late Bronze Age. Finds of aurochs on British Iron Age and Roman sites are extremely rare. Dating this artefact will help investigate the given scenarios and answer the research question…...

Fighting Procrastination Research

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Tupou Tertiary Institute. Management & Research Question. Too much to do; not enough time to do it. Most people have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. The main reason why they have too much to do, is that they are doing too many things. They are doing too many things that do not relate to the achievement of the goal and they are doing too many things that are distractions from…...

?omparison between various software package and systems available

Brief comparison between various software package and systems available in the market. First and foremost, it is very significant point to understand what is data base mining, so specified purpose of this technology is that discovering the pattern for available convoluted and large volumes of data and supreme transformation of it in convenient/actionable information with use of features such as algorithms, mathematical analysis, artificial intelligence systems to obtain information from gigantic source of data and greater modification aiming for future…...


Data Mining Discussion QuestionsName:Institution of Affiliation:DateQ1: According to Shneiderman and Bederson (2003), information visualization emerged from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology, and business.  With this revelation in mind, identify, and discuss the benefits?There are various benefits of information visualization. First, information visualization is a gateway to information systems. Information specialists can benefit from information visualization since effective visualization systems offer an intuitive way for people to understand the various relationships between information assets which may seem…...

Predicting the Weather: Forecasting

Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place with regard to temperature, moisture, air pressure, precipitation, etc. Bio organisms need to adapt with the changing atmospheric conditions. It is therefore important to know the atmospheric condition for different applications. The interest is to design of Arduino with sensors that can provide information of weather from anywhere without using Network. Here a hardware model has been designed and implemented. It is difficult to get accurate weather…...

Sport Analytics

The motive of this research paper is to study the benefits of incorporating data analytics, logistical regression analysis using open source data for play selections of two NFL teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers between the 2000 and the 2012 seasons. Both teams are in the American Football Conference (AFC) and are only 135 miles from each other. As cities, both Cleveland and Pittsburgh harness a blue collar culture and they are both roughly the same market size.…...

The volume and diversity of data being produced by companies today is

The volume and diversity of data being produced by companies today is staggering. This abundance of data, along with the unavailability of powerful data analysis tools, has given rise to a "data rich but information poor" paradox. The ever increasing gap between data and information has generated an urgent need for new techniques which will turn these vast amounts of data into "invaluable sources" of knowledge. This realization, spawned from two years of work experience as a data engineer, has…...

3 SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTThis system has been developed using

3. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTThis system has been developed using WinPython which includes the packages such as: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Theano , Sklearn, Matplotlib and OpenCV. The overview of the algorithm for the system is as given below. Then the temperature class together with Max and Min are used to predict the suitable crop. Algorithm explains the functioning of the entire recommendation system.Prediction of crop production using regression model and ANN: Recently, Researchers have developed several forecasting and prediction models of various…...

IntroductionHigher education affects almost everyone - as

IntroductionHigher education affects almost everyone - as students, parents, part-timers and citizens or as candidates of scientific, medical, and technological research. A higher college education is coming ever closer to being considered so basic that, it is too important to be left to the differential competitive forces of the current survival of marketplace.Today higher education is caught up in indulge political issues that are increasingly relying on it to solve economic problems as well as social problems. Colleges are expanding…...

Strategist/Business Analyst Statement of Purpose

During my high-school days, I developed a penchant towards fantasy cricket league, an online game that involves creating a virtual team of 11 players within a fixed budget to earn points based on their performance in real matches. Many factors had to be considered such as analyzing players' previous performance data, before making a team. Playing the game required considerable skills, acumen, and discretion which helped me realize my strength in analyzing data. It also helped me recognize the need…...

Implementing Business Analytics & Optimising Firm Performance

It is people, not technology, who make sense of data and give it meaning. This means that business intelligence resides not in the data warehouse but in the minds of people. Abstract Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of business analytics (BA), investigation of the antecedents/determinants of the adoption of BA and the subsequent impact of the same to the firm performance has become an important research topic. Drawing on the fundamentals of the resource-based view (RBV), this study proposes…...

Data and Information Retrieval

Abstract In this paper i discusse the main issues related to the problem with information retrieval. To vanquish the "one size fits all" lead of most web seek instruments information, starting late a great deal of research has watched out for the issue of portraying methods went for fitting the chase result to the customer setting. Furthermore some other basic and related issues are referenced, for instance, security, and evaluation.as generally consequently. The most well known criteria known are survey…...

Web Mining - Examining a Dataset

Abstract Data mining is a procedure of AI where machine can examine the dataset to distinguish or perceive the example of the data as indicated by explicit guidance. The point is to recognize or identify a fraud dependent on past dataset. The data mining calculation will assist us with categorizing the data and stick point the fraud. This paper is somewhat of an overview paper and where will be a condensed three paper dependent on fraud location. INTRODUCTION Now a…...

Data Mining in Education

In 2007, two papers were published. In first paper titles as 'Applying Data Mining Techniques to e-Learning Problems.' by Castro F., Vellido A., Nebot Г. & Mugica F. The authors aim is to provide an up-to-date snapshot of the current state of research and applications of Data Mining methods in e-learning. In this paper, authors presented a categorisation of e-learning complications to which DMT like, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Clustering and Visualization Methods, Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent agents, and Inductive Reasoning,…...

Classification Techniques In Data Mining Computer Science Essay

Data excavation is pull outing the concealed information from big databases. The application of informations excavation is extremely seeable in commercialism, instruction, multimedia, medical specialty, etc. Classifying informations is really indispensable to do anticipations for future intents. An appropriate theoretical account has to be designed for achieving accurate consequences. The classifier learns through the preparation set and assigns trial dataset into appropriate categories. The category of preparation set is known where as the category of trial set is unknown. This…...

Concepts And Techniques Of Data Mining Computer Science Essay

1a ) Describe THOUGHTFULLY how to sketch the basic A constructs and technique of Data Mining and how to use them to existent universe jobs. ( At least one paragraph )This is a description of some of the most common information excavation algorithms in usage today. We have divided this into two subdivisions, each with a specific subject:Ordinary Techniques: Statisticss, Vicinities and ClusteringFuture Techniques: Trees, Networks and Rules.These two subdivisions have been divided based when it is adequate to be…...

Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery In Databases Computer Science Essay

Data excavation, and knowledge find in databases, has been universally recognized as an of import research issue with wide applications. This study present a complete reappraisal, on the advancement of informations mining techniques since 1990 's, literature reappraisal on informations mining methods and algorithms which includes word picture, categorization, constellating, association, development, and informations visual image, and issues on challenges in informations mining specially on the multimedia informations. It besides comprises some of the real-world applications, and current and future…...

Data Mining Apriori Algorithm

Recommended Systems using Collaborative Filtering and Classification Algorithms in Data Mining Dhwani Shah 2008A7PS097G Mentor – Mrs. Shubhangi Gawali BITSC331 2011 1 BITS – Pilani, K. K Birla Goa INDEX S. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Topic Introduction to Recommended Systems Problem Statement Apriori Algorithm Pseudo Code Apriori algorithm Example Classification Classification Techniques k-NN algorithm Determine a good value of k References Page No. 3 5 5 7 14 16 19 24 26 2 1.…...

Data Mining News Headlines Classification Tool Computer Science Essay

Headline categorization Tool is a web application that can be used to sort intelligence headlines into different classs. Many of the bing intelligence categorization rely on full intelligence article content to sort a intelligence article into a specific class. We intend to construct an automatic categorization and analysis tool that uses merely the content in the intelligence headline for categorization. Headlines from different intelligence beginnings will be classified into assorted pre-defined classs utilizing supervised larning algorithms. We besides intend measure…...

Looking At Data Mining Computer Science Essay

Presents, digital information is comparatively easy to capture and reasonably cheap to hive away. The digital revolution has been aggregations of informations grow in size and the complexness of the informations therein addition. Question normally originating as a consequence of this province of personal businesss is, holding gathered such measures of informations, what we really do with it? It is frequently the instance that big aggregations of informations, nevertheless good structured, conceal inexplicit forms of information that can non be…...

Nonfunctional requirements with the data mining

IntroductionThe usage of package has invaded our day-to-day lives as it enable us to carry through many undertakings particularly those which are associated in making assorted concern procedures and in covering with different concern systems. It enables the usage of cognition on both calculating and computing machines to be able to assist work out assorted jobs which confront mundane state of affairss. The frequently most encountered jobs encountered in the field of package technology trades with computing machines and calculating…...

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