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Data Mining Essay Examples

Essay on Data Mining

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Applications of Data Mining in the areas of Marketing Communications

Data mining is an effective tool in fields as medicine, marketing and crime prevention amongst many others. The use of computers has seen this lessen the time required for researches. The tools and models it utilizes are very helpful in business in determining and predicting consumer trends and consumption patterns that were unknown in the past. This seeks to promote revenues with little campaigns...

Information Businness

4. Visit the IBM Cognos Web site and describe the business intelligence tools that would be the most useful for the Cincinnati Zoo. introduces the concept of business intelligence and analytics. The text gives the example of Hallmark Cards, which uses SAS analytics software to analyze buying patterns and determine the most effective marketing plan for different types of customers. For example, whi...

Student information system

As a result of the testing we have done during the development of the system, errors do occur but given solutions immediately just after occurrence because of the conduct of the said “Block Box Testing”. Each form that is finished with its coding are tested several times to figure out what are the errors and to also give us idea on any additions we may include that would make the system better...

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Data mining techniques

2.5Using the concept of overfitting, explain why when a model is fit to training data, zero error with those data is not necessarily good. It’s not good because when looking at models you want to see the relationship between the data if there are zero error in the data then the information you get is skewed and may not be a true reflection. 2.7A dataset has 1000 records and 50 variables with 5% ...

1984 - Reflection Paper

In Orwell's 1984, what seems, may not be. The logical might be illogical. What is right could be wrong. What was intended for good could become unjust. Most critics shot down Orwell's ideas when the book was initially reviewed in 1948. However, with the advent of modern technology, I feel overwhelmed by the thought of personal information abuse. Abuse not only in a ubiquitous government, but exte...

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

The necessity ought to be to catch the data we have to recognize the obliged client contact data, with restricted offering over the groups according to security approach. Data ought to incorporate clients and order their conduct. Those organizations with a site and online client administration have favorable element as clients can enter and keep up their own particular subtle elements when they p...

Analysis and Interpretation

Their funding also depends upon the information gathered from research and planning according to their results of data analysis and interpretation. We see evidence of data analyst and interpretation numerous times a day. Insurance quotes, medicine dosage, gas prices, even the order in which items are placed on the shelves in grocery stores. A study has been done to find out how to make consumers s...

Preparing for the BMAT (biomedical admissions test)

• Good structure: Ensure you have an introduction, Main body and conclusion. By having an assigned essay structure your ideas will flow more freely and will follow a logical order that makes it easier for the reader to understand. • Snappy conclusion and introduction: the introduction and conclusion can be the sections of your essay that sell it to the reader. Because these are the first and l...

Data Warehouses, Decision Support and Data Mining

Thus, in our example, if the selected dimensions are city and year, then the x-axis may represent all values of city and the y-axis may represent the years. The point (x,y) will represent the aggregated sales for city x in the year y. Thus, what were values in the original spreadsheets have now become row and column headers in the pivoted spreadsheet. Other operators related to pivoting are rollup...

IT 500 Module 4 Critical Thinking

Information Systems and Controls AssessmentAmjad Arafah180010094IT 500 " Business and Information TechnologySaudi Electronic University " Riyadh CampusDr. Mohammed JarrayaJune 21, 2019Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc12051059 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc12051060 h 3Big Data Analytics PAGEREF _Toc12051061 h 3Using Big Data Analytics PAGEREF _Toc12051062 h 4Customer ...

International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Open Access

Its work for measure the acceleration by measuring the change in capacitance. The NodeMCU collects the temperature and humidity from DHT11 sensor and sends it to Blynk app every second. Arduino IDE, Blynk app before we dive into the code, let setup the Blynk app to receive the data from NodeMCU. The code connects the ESP8266 to the local WIFI network, reads the current time from the nearest device...



Precision Agriculture

The dataset contains soil attributes including macronutrients (N, P, K)A.datasetTable 1: Labelled Dataset(crop )Id Name nitrogen phosperous potassium1 Rice 10 20 02 Wheat 12 26 183 Maize 18 0 144 Sugarcane 20 10 55 Potato 8 18 266 Mustured 100 30 157 Jowar 120 60 08 Cotton 15 15 159 G-Hisrsutum 75 30 010 Groundnut 15 15 1511 Onion 15 15 1512 Banana 15 15 1513 Tomato 15 15 1514 Leafy Veg 15 15 1515...

Secure Distributed Data Mining

Chapter 2Literature Survey and Problem DefinitionThis chapter provides the related work done so far in this section giving some preliminary definitions that will be used during this dissertation and focusing on conceptual aspects of distributed association rule mining systems. Section 2.1 gives a description of existing techniques and their methodology for distributed data mining. Section 2.2 desc...

Market basket Analysis

Discovery of association rules in laboratory test data for Medall diagnostic centers using Market Basket AnalysisAbstractDiagnostic services plays an important role in medical decision-making. Based on estimation, 70% of all decisions related to patient's diagnosis and treatment including hospital admission and discharge are based on laboratory test results. No diagnosis is set by a single laborat...

13 Thesis Organization

Chapter 4 proposes a FP Growth Approach for HUIs over uncertain databases. Section 4.1 focused on Problem Statement, Section 4.2 discussed the proposed FP Growth Approach for Mining High Utility Itemsets over Uncertain Database, In Section 4.3 experimental assessment can be seen and Section 4.4 concludes the chapter. Chapter 5 introduced another vital aspect of this thesis in terms of High Utility...

Fighting Procrastination Research

A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. This refers to the technique or procedures adopted by researchers in selecting items for a sample. Sample design may as well lay down the number of items to be included in a sample i.e., the size of the sample. This is determined before data are collected. There are numerous sample designs from which a researcher ca...

Сomparison between various software package and systems available

First and foremost, it is very significant point to understand what is data base mining, so specified purpose of this technology is that discovering the pattern for available convoluted and large volumes of data and supreme transformation of it in convenient/actionable information with use of features such as algorithms, mathematical analysis, artificial intelligence systems to obtain information ...


Macro-policy implementation occurs when the government effects policies to influence the local authorities. Micro-implementation occurs when the local authorities transfer the government policiesinto their local policies. Also, macro and micro-implementation are thought to be a two-phase implementation process. Thus, the policymakers and the local authorities should adopt the government policy the...

Predicting the Weather: Forecasting

It is difficult to get accurate weather for a particular location. With the advancement of technology, especially the embedded systems and the problem of large setup area and cost has been reduced signi?cantly. It is possible to provide an instant weather report with some different altitudes as well as for different time instant. In this project motivate to read temperature and humidity from dht11...

Sport Analytics

My impression is that the amount of data analytics is here to stay and is changing the culture of organizations. For example, my employer Pfizer, Inc. has changed the way we look at our business model by implementing new software platforms even down to the district managers and sales representatives. One the one hand there is the propensity of paralysis by analysis. Human insight based off of expe...

The volume and diversity of data being produced by companies today is

Leading projects, organizing data, and presenting the results to management are skills that I have already established through my professional work experience- and will bring with me as I transition into the role of a data analyst. While my short-term career goal is to be a data analyst after obtaining the degree, my long term career goal is to build my own enterprise focusing on providing data an...

3 SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTThis system has been developed using

Automation strategies reduce the overall production cost, hence support for higher crop yield and higher market price. Also identified that how the data mining helps to analyze and predict the useful pattern from huge and dynamically changed climatic data. In the field of agricultural bioengineering, scientist and engineers in collaboration have developed and discussed the application of mathemati...

IntroductionHigher education affects almost everyone - as

Data mining is a process to extract knowledge from existing data. It is used as a tool in banking and finance in general to discover useful information from the operational and historical data to enable better decision-making. It is an interdisciplinary field, confluence of Statistics, Database technology, Information science, Machine learning and Visualization. It involves steps that include data...

Statement of Purpose

From my research, I inferred that the MS program in Business Analytics from the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) will expand my basic understanding of various aspects of data sourcing and extraction methodologies and data manipulation and visualization techniques using Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytical tools, thus paving my career path in this field. The wide range of electives and the fle...

Implementing Business Analytics & Optimising Firm Performance

The research is expected to provide an overview picture of the critical driving factors that lead to the successful implementation of BI. BI technologies help the organization to have a competitive advantage over other organizations since the analyzed information from the relevant raw data helps the management to make decisions on best approaches that will help them ...

Web Mining

This review has investigated practically all distributed fraud location contemplates. It characterizes the foe, the sorts and subtypes of fraud, the specialized idea of data, execution measurements, and the strategies and systems. In the wake of distinguishing the constraints in strategies and procedures of fraud identification, this paper demonstrates that this field can profit by other related f...

Data Mining in Education

Building such essential linkages is often challenging, but this effort is necessary if changes in engineering education are to be realized and sustained. Molina-Gaudo, P., Baldassarri, S., Villarroya-Gaudo, M., & Cerezo, E. 'Perception and Intention in Relation to Engineering: A Gendered Study Based on a One-Day Outreach Activity'. This paper explores both how male and female high school pupils (1...

Classification Techniques In Data Mining Computer Science Essay

This reappraisal updates the well-known supervised techniques. It shows the cardinal thoughts discussed from a list of publications. Categorization is non whether the algorithm is higher to others, but under what fortunes a peculiar technique well surpasses others on a given job. After a good understanding the virtues and demerits of each technique, the opportunities of uniting two or more algorit...

Concepts And Techniques Of Data Mining Computer Science Essay

Choosing na algorithm and roll uping algorithm parametric quantities ; and design, proving, and trouble-shooting. Pattern categorization, appraisal, and patterning are identified by utilizing one of the undermentioned algorithms: additive and logistic arrested development, unimodal Gaussian and Gaussian mixture, multilayered perceptron/backpropagation and radial footing map nervous webs, K nearest...

Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery In Databases Computer Science Essay

Web excavation is one of the most promising countries in DataMining, because the Internet and WWW are dynamic beginnings of information. Web excavation is the extraction of interesting and potentially utile forms and inexplicit information from artefacts or activity related to the WWW ( Etzioni, 1996 ) . The chief undertakings that comprise Web excavation include recovering Web paperss, choice and...

Data Mining Apriori Algorithm

Proceedings of the 18th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. ? Han, Jiawei and Kamber, Micheline. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques. ? Lifshits, Yury. Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor. Steklov Insitute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg. April 2007 ? Cherni, Sofiya. Nearest Neighbor Method. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. 26 A...

Data Mining News Headlines Classification Tool Computer Science Essay

Even though a 100 per centum truth was non obtained, this undertaking aimed at sorting the top narratives in newspapers into their several classs based on headlines entirely. This undertaking gave us the apprehension of two algorithms ( J48 and Naive Bayesian ) . Experimenting with the algorithms utilizing the same preparation and trial sets helped us understand how otherwise they work. The truth ...

Looking At Data Mining Computer Science Essay

Minimizing latency of sing pages particularly image files, by pre-fetching Web pages or by pre-sending paperss that a user will see following Yang et Al. ( 2003 ) [ 16 ] . Web pre-fetching goes one measure farther by expecting the Web users ' hereafter petitions and pre-loading the predicted pages into a cache. This is a major method to cut down Web latency which can be measured as the difference ...

Nonfunctional requirements with the data mining

To successfully complete the paper and generate important findings, there will be a pre-determined time-frame which will include all the activities which will be related to the completion of this research. In the first hebdomads of carry oning the survey, the research worker will concentrate into redefining or reshaping the basicss of the research given that some alterations can be eyed. However, ...

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