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The Business value of Information System

In this paper we defined the concept of Information System and found its components and main types. We saw the data showing the importance of IS development within a company and opinions of different businesses analytics on why and how one should constantly invest in IT. So, to conclude I would like to say that without any doubts, IS is the key to success in current business environment. It provid...

Applications of Data Mining in the areas of Marketing Communications

Data mining is an effective tool in fields as medicine, marketing and crime prevention amongst many others. The use of computers has seen this lessen the time required for researches. The tools and models it utilizes are very helpful in business in determining and predicting consumer trends and consumption patterns that were unknown in the past. This seeks to promote revenues with little campaigns...

Database Design P1, M1 & D1

Null values is similar to validation in where the user needs to input data & there are a set of rules to ensure the user inputs the correct/legitimate data however null values are shown when no data has been inputted into a specific textbox. An error message will pop up if no data is put into a specific field, this rule is usually put on by the user as when starting database, you get a lot of ...

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Data Commentary on Obesity

Academia, Government, Industry, and Health Care?" The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 82.1 (2005): 2075-105. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. Dailey, Kate. "Can Laws Fix The Obesity Crisis?" Newsweek.com 16 Nov. 2010. Academic OneFile. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. Freedman, David H. “How To Fix The Obesity Crisis.” Scientific American 304.2 (2011): 40-47. Military and Government Collection. Web. 2 Mar. 2014 Gree...

Relational Database Concepts and Applications: Research Paper

Barrodale Computing Services Ltd. (2011). Applications of Object Relational Database Management Systems at BCS. Retrieved from Barrodale Computing Services Ltd. (BCS): http://www.barrodale.com/docs/ORDBMS%20Applications%20at%20BCS.pdf Goessl, L. (2009, November 23). Business Advantages of a Relational Database. Retrieved from Inside Business 360: http://www.insidebusiness360.com/index.php/business...

Data Collection Process

In vivo measurements are performed directly in or on living organism.e.g measurement of oxygen saturation,blood pressure and body temperature. An in vitro measure is performed outside the organism's body,as in case of measuring serum potassium level in blood. Some considerations for physiologic measurements to keep in mind while selecting biophysiologic measures. Will measure yield good informatio...

Tour Operator Agency Database

3.Conclude your data model design with an Entity Relationship Model (ERM) that will visually represent the relationships between the tables. You may make use of graphical tools in Microsoft Word or Visio, or an open source alternative such as Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length. 2.Construct a query that can be used on a report for determining ho...

The Terror Watch List Database Troubles Continue

Using Information system technology (ITC) to deal with the communication problems is an effective solution. “Information Communication Technology (ICT) refers to all technology used to handle communications, including telephone systems, web sites, and audio and video transmissions” (Button, 2012). Firstly, telephone systems help organisations contact to each other easier. Secondly, people use ...

Information Businness

4. Visit the IBM Cognos Web site and describe the business intelligence tools that would be the most useful for the Cincinnati Zoo. introduces the concept of business intelligence and analytics. The text gives the example of Hallmark Cards, which uses SAS analytics software to analyze buying patterns and determine the most effective marketing plan for different types of customers. For example, whi...

Identify the regulations and requirements relevant

By following these procedures the college follows the recognised standards for the Regulatory arrangements for the Qualifications and Credit framework (2008), Health and safety at work (1974), and the Equality Act (2010) to help its own reputation as a good/ outstanding awarding organisation. This in turn helps the organisations vocational links to the SSC sector skills council and its industry st...

Question Pool for the MIS Mid-term Exam


Netflix Leading with Data:What advice would you give to the CEO of Netflix

Beside the high-level quality, Netflix should offer a large quantity of movies, especially the movies from Hollywood. With the Chinese movie import policy, China only imported 55 movies in 2012. The number is comparatively small compared with the amount of movies that the Chinese audience demands. Netflix could take the advantage to offer more American movies online, which is under laxer regulatio...

Customer Relationship Management of Big Bazaar

Employee and sales person relationship with a customer: They have also given major emphasis to convince for customers in which layout has played a major role. The layout of the store is so effective that customers find their way out of what they want. Big Bazaar provides good employee service i.e their salesmen are always ready to provide help. Employee service is often neglected as part of good ...

Storing and Retrieving Information in Information Systems

Some problems that may occur with technological information systems are viruses on the systems or any hackers who are able to access the information. Physical/paper information could get harmed with any fires or by water damage. Any type of information left lying about or accessible to the public or in view of anyone outside the company could be dangerous too. Ways to deal with these problems are ...

Database Project Ideas Sql Server

The software Office Management Systems objective is to provide a system which manages the office activities using a computer within a fraction of seconds. The software stores all the important data’s like a manual file keeping system through a database. This automated system is user friendly and error free. Paper work and manual power can be reduced using this automated system. 5 - Hostel Manage...

Data for Newark General Hospital

The volume variance can be broken down further. Enrollment changes (deficiencies) caused a $245,000 shortfall from budget. However, utilization by the enrolled population was slightly down, which produced $20,000 in unexpected profit. Together, the enrollment shortfall and utilization decrease resulted in a volume shortfall of $225,000. In essence, some of the enrollment deficiency was offset by i...


Governed by laws to protect customer’s personal data, the company must have a strong security standard as part of the IT Security Policy Framework. Focusing on the data classification standard “Internal Use Only”, the company needs to plan for any affects caused in the User, Workstation and LAN domains to prevent personal data loss or corruption. One way is to make sure that employees have s...

Mis650. Data Centers

1. Outsourcing: Outsourcing is well known as a common way for many companies to hire efficient employees for a very profitable cost 2. Offshoring: The sixth reason for the world becoming flat is because of offshoring. Offshoring is when a big country sets up factories in other countries. 3. Supply-chaining: Supply Chaining is a method of collaborating horizontally – among suppliers, retailers, a...

Confidentiality is paramount

In my opinion our policies and procedures are effective. The only recommendations I would make to make them more effective is to recap the procedures for staff because this will allow the procedures to always be clear and fresh in their minds. Although most of the procedures are always at the forefront of their mind I feel that if other procedures are not needed as much in their daily life as play...

Student information system

As a result of the testing we have done during the development of the system, errors do occur but given solutions immediately just after occurrence because of the conduct of the said “Block Box Testing”. Each form that is finished with its coding are tested several times to figure out what are the errors and to also give us idea on any additions we may include that would make the system better...

Cipd assessment activity 3rai

Meeting legislative and regulatory requirements this reason would be to ensure that all legal requirements are meet and not fallen short by means of complying with the minimum wage, working time regulations, time off for training and Health and safety. Two type’s data are Qualitative and Quantitative data. Qualitative data is a categorical measurement expressed not in terms of numbers, but rathe...

Project Charter for Payroll System

We can’t say that the success criteria of the proposed system were a success; here are some options that will help if the process of development has been interrupted: If the interview was not enough, the proponents will ask some IT alumni (who already developed Payroll System) to gather more essential information that the proponents missed during the interview; The proponents decided to conduct ...

The SAP data base

To have an excellent offer of information but little details is just possible when there is a great deal of information but none sorted or organized in proper order. If we distinguish between 'information' and 'info' then we'll see how Information is undone and unorganized realities that require to be processed. Information can be something easy and apparently random and worthless until it is orga...

Data mining techniques

2.5Using the concept of overfitting, explain why when a model is fit to training data, zero error with those data is not necessarily good. It’s not good because when looking at models you want to see the relationship between the data if there are zero error in the data then the information you get is skewed and may not be a true reflection. 2.7A dataset has 1000 records and 50 variables with 5% ...

Secondary data

Sources of secondary data can be classified mainly into two categories- (i) Published sources and (ii) Unpublished sources. Published sources: The following sources are covered in the category of published sources. 1. Government Publication: There are numerous publications of Central and state governments in India which are published regularly or from time to time. Data relating to various aspects...

A warm welcome to BN2102 Bioengineering data analysis


Enrollment System and Scheduling

The record management software is waded with resource capacity and availability so that all the information can be used to optimize resources and generate timetables. The record management software stores all static information in a central depository doing away with manual data management, redundancy and duplication. Use record management system for easy records and profiles management and realiz...

Handling of information in social care settings

‘When there are concerns over the recording, storing or sharing of information I ensure I talk to my colleagues or senior member of staff like my line manager or supervisor and ensure I record it. If the information has to do with a service user’s privacy, I must obtain consent from the service user before passing the information on except when the information poses a risk to the service user ...

Database Development

Data Concurrency and Consistency. (n.d.). Oracle Documentation. Retrieved September 12, 2013, from http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B10500_01/server.920/a96524/c21cnsis.htm Even, A., & Shankaranarayanan, G. (2009). Quality in Customer Databases-Centered Review of Object Oriented Software Development Methodologies. ACM Computer Database, 15, 3,4,5. Retrieved September 12, 2013, from the ACM Computer d...

Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper

Sampling and data collection cover lots of area in research with what sampling are and that data collection is the scales of measurement. In research there are different types of validity and reliability that is needed to make sure that the research is done properly and there is no errors when doing it. The last but not least is the different ways to do research like surveys via online and telepho...

Demographic Data Interpretation

The Census Bureau assumes that the growth rate will remain positive through year 2050, but will fluctuate over the time period. The current level of 0.8% per annum will increase through 2030 to closer to 0.9% per annum. After 2030 the growth rate is expected to return to 0.8% per annum. https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=01f85fe64f&view=att&th=13ec4dc...

Promote good practice in handling information in health

Let's say a new work colleague might have some new ideas on how to support someone, instead of thinking she just goes and puts the new ideas in place herself without asking her supervisor. The proper way would be to have a meeting, discuss it and if new ideas are being put into place, then guidelines or support plans would need to be updated so things can be changed. So this is where you need to e...

Organise and Report Data

1.3 Describe the purpose of presenting data to the agreed format and timescale. The data has to be presented to an agreed format and timescale so that the person who is expecting it gets it in the way they needed it like a spread sheet as they may not be able to see another type of document. When I send a spread sheet of the mailing list I have to proofread it to make sure there are no mistakes an...

Tour Operator Agency Database

The table names “Employee”, “Customer”, “Tour”, and “TourCost” accurately define the data represented within each table. To better associate the data in the Tour with its operational purpose I will rename to TourInvoice. For this organization I’ve gone back and renamed several entities to better associate the entity to the table it belongs to. For example the FirstName attribute ...

Attendance Monitoring Using Biometric Data with Payroll System

This study involves the development of Faculty Attendance using biometrics with Payroll System in Cavite State University – Silang Campus. It will be used daily to lessen the paper works that is time consuming. And it was made to help the authorities to change their traditional of searching. The proposed system aims to lessen the time consumed in paper works and to have an efficient computation ...

TJX the largest-ever consumer data breach

The case refers to an incident in which an employee chose to blog about TJX’s ineffective cybersecurity strategies. In this blog, it describes various dysfunctions that allowed hackers to gain access to important information with ease. In order to prevent such incidences from happening again, TJX could conduct simulated cyber-attacks. 3. It’s imperative that management and IT are aligned in th...

Business Rules and Data Models

An entity is a distinguishable object in the enterprise. An entity has attributes that describe the properties of the entity. For example, a course is an object in the student information system. The course number, title, credits, and prerequisites are the attributes for the course. All the courses have same type of attributes. A collection of entities of the same attributes is called an entity se...

Data Collection

QSR International. (2012, Spring). What is qualitative research? Retrieved from http://www.qsrinternational.com/what-is-qualitative-research.aspx Troughton, J., Jarvisa, J., Skinner, C., Robertson, N., Khunti, K., & Davies, M. (2008, July). Waiting for diabetes: Perceptions of people with pre-diabetes: A qualitative study. Patient Education and Counseling, 72(1), 88-93. Retrieved from http://w...

Ticketing System of a Company

Our project is to make online ticketing for traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any error in transaction like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all bills also, giving to ensure 100% successful implementation of the Online Ticketing system. Our online ticketing sys...

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