Dark and Light - Creative Writing

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Silently, I strolled down the lifeless alley. I could hear the gravel under my feet as I stepped quietly along the snake-like path. A dark, hideous building stood before me that looked like a scene from a horror story. I stared at it and spotted; cracked windows; corroded drainpipes; poorly sculptured statues and a rusty old fence that surrounded the building like a cage. At the heart of the house was an auburn door that had cobwebs disguising it like a facade.

As I got closer I could smell the aroma of tulips, roses and all sorts of flowers.

I approached the backyard and witnessed a whole acre of flowers. It looked like a rainbow had fallen to the ground. Towards my left I could see that the back door was open. Silently, I crept in the direction of the door and peeked inside. The kitchen was a mess; there were dishes towering up in the sink; windows that hadn't been cleaned since the Stone Age and the tiled floor looked like a blanket of dust.

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The amount of cobwebs in each corner was innumerable. After sightseeing, I decided to explore this building. First, I ambled down the dazzling ruby corridor and into the next room.

I sneaked in and gazed at the walls. Each square was filled with animals' heads, and if they weren't on the walls they were on a shelf, stuffed and concealed in a box. It was like a zoo that had been silenced. I started to walk backwards, but tripped over a leg of some sort.

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Shocked, I got up and saw that there was nothing there. I scanned the room and spotted nothing, as a matter of fact, it had gone quieter. It was so quiet you could here a spider crawl across the floor. There were so many animals on the wall that you could not identify the shade of paint on it.

Suddenly, I heard a loud cough coming from the other room. Stunned, I tiptoed across the hallway and in to the next room. The coughing got louder as I came closer towards the chair. I quickly leaped in front of it but slowly opened my eyes; I could still here the coughing so I assumed it was still there. But after I had opened my eyes completely, I experienced the most preposterous thing, nothing stood before me, just a rocking chair. Without thinking, I got up and ran like the wind, out of the room and down the hallway. I could feel the place getting hotter. It felt like an oven, and I was the turkey.

It had been hours since I had a drink, so I decided to get myself one. Lost, I walked nervously around the house like a sheep in a herd of cows. As I strolled on, I could hear some music. I ran towards the noise but when I got there it stopped. I appeared to be in a room of mirrors. They glistened like a thousand stars in the night sky. I could see myself in each area of the room. Elevated above my head was a golden chandelier that sparkled like the scales on a goldfish. Why was there a room full of mirrors? Confused, I was determined to find the story about the mirrors.

It went quiet for a minute, then I heard creaking coming from the stairs. I walked slowly up the spiralling staircase that had been painted murky green. The creaking was still repeating itself as I completed my saunter up the stairs. I examined the vicinity and spotted a room that had moving objects within it. I took a quick glance inside and observed that it was just the shadows of the fish inside their tanks, which were reflecting onto the floor. I walked into the room, and could describe it as a world underwater, because there were about two hundred fish in that room.

The walls were covered with every shade of blue that you could imagine. It looked like a blue paint chart that had just been scattered across the wall. As soon as I stepped out of the room, I could immediately smell the revolting stench of burning rubber. My nose tracked down the horrible smell and it appeared to be coming from the attic. I pulled the stairs down towards and climbed up into the dim, gloomy attic. Crates filled up all the open space available, so in order to get to my destination I had to squeeze through the little amount of legroom I had.

I opened crate by crate to find out which one had the smell coming from it. I was like a boy opening his presents at Christmas. All the crates had been opened except one. This specific crate had a sentence written on it. It said, "If you want to win a prize then open the crate, but I must warn you, it will be your worst nightmare. " After ten minutes of thinking it through, 'Should I or Shouldn't I,' the sentence spun around in my mind like a carousel. I decided to take the risk, I mean it couldn't be that bad. Slowly, I opened it and saw.... Well, what do you think it was?

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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