FedEx: Leveraging Technology for Reliable Global Services

Federal Express utilizes the most updated technology in providing services to its customers all over the world. Technology, in general, constantly makes the world smaller every second, thus, Federal Express uses this to its advantage to accurately deliver packages and monitor the progress of the service being rendered. Technology thus assures customers of quality, on-time, and satisfactory service, and this way, the company builds a strong foundation of customer relationship.

From rather traditional means of rendering service, FedEx’s offerings evolved to cater to a wider variety of needs of its customers.

One of these is called Healthcare Shared Network that is available in the United States. With well-controlled conditions, like temperature and time, the quality of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic products is not prone to deterioration. This branch of service is also flexible since FedEx delivers healthcare products when and where they are needed.

Likewise, FedEx claims efficient delivery of goods and this protects the interest of the customers and minimizes the risk of product or investment loss.

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The company likewise adheres to the acceptable environmental conditions and regulatory requirements. In a multitude of ways, FedEx helps in making healthcare products more readily available to the people who need it (Healthcare Shared Network, 1995-2008). L. L. Bean is the FedEx’s partner in providing its services to the customers. While FedEx assures of the actual delivery of goods from one point to another, L. L.

Bean does its part by monitoring its progress. Both companies benefit from this relationship since it makes them more accessible to the people who need the service.

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Committing mistakes on the part of FedEx is not a detrimental factor in the company’s growth, but an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with its customers. By taking note of feedbacks and studying them, FedEx is not prone to committing the same mistake again.


Healthcare Shared Network. (1995-2008). Retrieved June 12, 2008, from fedex. com: http://www. fedex. com/us/supplychain/services/

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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