Current Trends and Challenges in the World of Work

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If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever may you do, you have to keep moving forward..Martin Luther King. Working in Todays world is a trend on its own. Especially for this generation of the 21 st century. Where living in this modern world is perceived to be a competition. With rise in lifestyles, expenses, taxes, rents, luxuries, and even basic resources for survival. Humans have become workaholics to meet their needs and lead a life without any compromises.

However, keeping the above in mind the work world faces challenges and also new trends every year that both benefits as well asdistresses the employee and its organisations and firms.

Since capitalism first began in the 17 th century till date, there have been various trends and challenges in this field. And are being continued only to improve and reach great heights of success. Some of the trends include recruitments from well -known multinational companies(MNCs) where they select talented Indians from the IT firms to work for their company by promising them with thrice their income in their homeland, hence choosing the option.

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Hencecausing a brain drain, where they use the resources from the country for the qualification and when it’s time to give back to the country there’s nothing coming from their pockets. And the sending country loses its labour and human capital which could increase production and capitalism.

The use of technologies like virtual computers, software, applications, computerised machinery, large scale machinery that have replaced human capitalism saving time and energy resulting in mass production.

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This, in turn, demands for high skilled labour that more or less match the productivity and also well trained and young individuals who can adapt and keep pace with these rapid changes in technology.

Also importance is given to cognitive skills, such as abstract reasoning, problem -solving, communication, and collaboration. And so education and training becomes a continuous process throughout the life course, involving training and retraining that continue well past initial entry into the labour market. Technology-mediated learning is a promising tool for lifelong learning, both on the job and through traditional public and private education and training institutions. This happens by incorporating different selection techniques such as using talent websites where the applicant has to fill out forms and do tasks that challenge the skills mentioned above. By video job interviews, this is done by conducting a screening interview.

Work from home is also a trending concept these days. This is a new trend where individuals sit at home and work on their laptops and submit online this provides the employee with quality time for his or her family, relaxed environment and comparatively less stress is faced. Maternity leaves are slowly taking the steps into the fields. And some countries provide paternity leaves as well. A lot of companies and firms are employing psychologists and councillors for the mental well -being of their employees. As we have a lot of women working in the corporate firms now it is good to hear that there is a solution to tackle the problem of sexual harassment, the Ministry of Women and Child Development(Ministry), by a Notification dated December 9, 2013 passed the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.

Coming to the challenges, in this rapid growth of corporates firms and industries, there can not be the absence of challenges that these companies face time and again. Some of the challenges include Culture and engagement were rated the most important challenge of 2015. It highlights the need for business. While organisations continue to focus on building leadership, reports suggest that organizations have made little or no progress . Especially in today’s world, the requirement of a leader is essential.

Learning and development of new skills as mentioned in the trends above also poses as a challenge since not everybody is able to learn and pick up new skills quickly as demanded. One of the biggest challenge is the need to reskill the HR. On an average, when rated the HR’s performance, it resulted as low as 2 0 percent which was lower than leaders, showing the importance of speeding up HR’s ability to deliver value to a company also the HR should start making serious investments in using data to make people decisions.

Eight out of ten organisations surveyed, mentioned that the workforce capability should be important or very important. This challenge emphasises the need for better processes, policies, and tools to source, evaluate, and reward talent that exists outside of traditional corporate and organisations. Companies should start doing less better rather than doing more with less. This will simplify work and revise the work environment and help employees focus and relieve stress. Also, working conditions pose a challenge for healthy production of good investing in good conditions and providing health care facilities can overcome this challenge.

In conclusion, the world of work will always have new trends and new challenges every year and globalisation shall grow in the coming centuries and have an exceptional impact on the human workforce and maybe even artificial intelligence will be able to take the place of an individual’s role in the work field.


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Current Trends and Challenges in the World of Work
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