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Converse Shoes

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (752 words)
Categories: Basketball, Brands, Business, Business Management, Company, Corporation, Sports
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Converse one of the most popular brand shoes in history was created in 1908 in Malden Massachusetts. From the beginning, Converse campaign ad was aim toward basketball players and their fans. With their signatures shoes known as the Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse had the first basketball player working for them as a salesman. As time went by, the company needed a new direction for the new era coming with other competitor like Nike, Adidas and Reeboks gaining a share of the market.

” Converse had controlled eighty percent of the athletic market shoes at their heights”. In 1986, Converse release The Weapon Basketball Shoes. The campaign ad features Larry Bird of the Boston Celtic and Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers holding their own Weapon with the sentence “CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON”.

The highlight of the shoes was the leather construction throughout including extra padded collar that combine with “the Y Bar System” for extra support and comfort .

The world was the intended target with this new campaign ad as he drew attention on one of the biggest rivalry in history according to ESPN. With this in mind, Larry bird and Magic Johnson was the best two players of the National Basketball Association knows as the NBA. They both had multiple championship trophies with Mr. Bird having won two trophies and Mr. Johnson having won three.

The use of symbolic figures to create a sense of authority and credibility was tremendous. Fans, current players and the upcoming basketball players could identify with those two most valuables players .The NBA was a reputable organization with the best player around the world. The historical rift between those two teams which faces each other several time prior in championship, fuel the fans for interest in the shoes. Converse capitalizes on this factor to reinforce the sale of The Weapon.

For this reason, if you wanted to be the best in basketball, you have to get the best Weapon available which was Converse. This was just common sense .The best player in the fields are armed with the best Weapon, so mediocre or average Joes should have the best Weapon like suggested in the ad “the shoes they choose to do the battle in is the Converse Weapon”. Also, the connection between the players and their fans created inevitable interest in the ad. Everybody could intellectually connect with this ad. The logic was simple: buy the Converse Weapon and you will be the best. That is “One more reason why athletes like Bird and Magic depend on Converse for the best possible performance “as refer in the ad text. Under this condition, the potential buyers could achieve superiority with the Weapon shoes.

The desire of being the best is triggered by using those two superstars in this campaign. It runs so much in paradox with the fear of being a failure without having the appropriate Weapon. The promises of enjoyment and comfort is also exalted here with the capability of the shoes having” the superior traction, incredible cushion ,shocks absorbing EVA midsoles and the Y-Bar Ankle Support System”. Popularity with wearing those shoes was another avenue to gain social acceptance wherever in school, in the neighbor or in the basketball court around the world. Everyone in their lifetime had the desire of being a superstar.

This campaign exploited our envy of success by given us something close that we can identify with: two NBA champions and their new shoes. The image of the ad captures our attention immediately by just seeing the two biggest rival of all time next to each other’s. In conclusion, The Weapon campaign was very effective immediately after the shoes were release. The Weapon became the favorite shoes of the entire NBA player as well as the college and high school teams. The weapon was also worn by others great NBA players like Isiah Thomas, Bernard King, Mark Agume, Bill Laimbeer, Robert parish, Kevin McHale as well as Karl Malone .

The shoes became an icon and was reintroduce to celebrate Converse 100 years anniversary of continued success . We should point out that the ad was so successful that it was reintroduced in 2003 with others players. As a result, Converse is a pioneer in the marketing business using player as endorser of the product which led Nike (Air Jordan) as being the most ever sold shoes in the world. At the end, Converse understood one thing that worked with their previous campaign ad: “that a person can be a brand”.

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