Competative Analysis: Puma, Reebok, Adidas and Nike

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Analyzing the prices of Puma and comparing with its competitor prices was discovered, that all of them are more or less on the same price levels – medium to high. Although, Nike and Adidas products are mostly expensive, while Puma is providing products for affordable prices. Today’s Puma is not only sport clothing and equipment, but also accessories. Puma nail polish, deodorant, shower gels and perfume are easy to find not only in Puma stores, but also in department stores. The other advantage of Puma’s prices could be its discount system – with the appearance of new collections, older ones are given good discounts.


Puma is making a big effort on promoting themselves in many different ways. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a successful company without an official internet page, so one of Puma’s advantages is the fact that it not only has one, but also gives its customers to view and purchase their products online. Puma is also very keen on online customer service – delivery time is 2-7 days and has a 40 day return right.

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Products on discount are also available. A huge effort is made on organizing events not only for young people.

The purpose of these events is simple – combining leisure time with sports: from most simple like ping-pong and darts to football, basketball, volleyball and golf. As its competitors, Puma is not lagging behind on organizing charity events and donating money in Children funds. Puma is also working together with United for Africa and Soles4Soles funds.

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Going eco-friendly is also one of Puma’s advantages. In order to reduce the environmental impact, Puma is dependent on the cooperation of other industry players.

To tackle this issue, Puma has already started to gain support from national governments, environmental organizations, and representatives of science and industry to push for a shift in the current business paradigm towards a more sustainable approach. Puma has demonstrated that accounting for the environment is no longer a ‘holy grail’ objective, but simply makes good business sense.

Image/Brand In the recent years the Puma brand has become a synonym of style, fashion and sport. Puma has elevated their brand image so that they now compete with fashion brands as well as their traditional sportswear. To extend their brand Puma has created concept retail stores that enable people to experience the brand in engaging and compelling ways. Adidas brand communicates the company’s goal of fusing sport performance and style competing very closely with Nike’s value proposition.

“Sport performance”, “sport heritage” and “sport style” are the three different areas that Adidas has chosen to compete with the value propositions of their traditional competitors. Nike has developed a brand that has global reach trying to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. They has partnered with the world’s most famous athletes to build their recognition and reach, perfectly demonstrating the power of image marketing. As well as Puma, Nike has extended their brand by creating concept retail stores.

Nike differentiates themselves from Puma by focusing on “performance driven style”, whereas Puma focus on “lifestyle driven style”. Adidas tries to improve their performance through technological innovation similar to Nike’s brand. Through the years Reebok has developed a brand that focuses on the lifestyle as well as “having fun staying in shape”. Reebok is fresh brand, but not as trendy as Nike and Adidas. Like most of the other brands Reebok tries to promote themselves through famous athletes as well. They gain ground across all sports against its competitors. In recent years Reebok invested in innovative designs to make their sports footwear much more comfortable.


Puma is a well-known brand, but, unfortunately, not one of the most preferred. To analyze consumer’s opinion about Puma and its products, a survey was made. Through interviews of 20 young people – age range 16-30 – who were asked to tell what they thought about Puma as a brand, their design and price of their products in comparison to their competitors, and their promotion effort. Looking at the answers separately, can be concluded that they are almost alike, but there are still a few outliers. Furthermore, customers were asked to advice what Puma should do to become more attractive. It was found out that most of the customers would recommend Puma to focus more on design and making the brand more competitive and visually recognized. The main “issue” for Puma when looking at the answers was that the customers prefer other alternatives, such as Nike and Adidas. This was mainly because of better and trendier design, which is targeting the “younger” target group better.


The main products of Puma are sportswear, sport shoes and accessorize. Puma divides their products into 2 main categories: sports and lifestyle. Sports field includes clothing for sports such as: football, running, sailing, golf, motorsport and rugby. Lifestyle part includes: timepieces and body wear product collections, providing Urban Mobility. The main product of Puma – casual footwear is very different from their competitors: Puma shoes are more fashionable shoes, than athletic shoes. Furthermore, Puma has an Urban Mobility collection cooperating with world-renowned fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. These unique designed footwear, apparel, and accessories will help Puma to create a utility fashion sportswear, offering for the Mobile lifestyle. This look gives the advantage to their products to become more fashionable and trendy.

Mission/Vision Puma cooperates with their main competitors – Adidas and Nike in order to achieve their mission for a better world for the generations to come, leaving behind Reebok. Puma’s mission and vision is to work in ways that contribute to the world by supporting creativity, sustainability and peace and by staying true to the values of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and actions taken. According to the aim they will keep on making the products for their customers to love, and at the same time bring that vision of a better world a little closer every day.

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