Comparison of Chinese Festivals With Western Ones

Compared with Western festivals such as Christmas and Easter, Chinese festivals have secular qualities. In Xu’s reading, it stated that “Chinese festivals are agriculture-oriented and secular rather than religious, making them very different from Western festivals” (Xu 230). The traditional Chinese festival is an important link for the Chinese nation to recognize the ancestors. It is an important way to know the ancestors, to see their own deficiencies, to correct themselves, and to drive future generations. It is also the value of life, and removes the important experience left by the ancestors.

Many festivals in China have strong secular qualities.

For example, the Spring Festival is China's most important festival. People are not as far apart as they are on the Spring Festival. No matter how many obstacles they have experienced, they will return home as much as possible to reunite with their loved ones, expressing their eager anticipation and newness for the coming year. A beautiful blessing in the life of the year.

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For instance, it is a time for “…reunion, and at the same time it represented a renewal of the spirit” (Latsch 23).

The Spring Festival is not only a festival, but also an important carrier for the Chinese people to release their emotions and their psychological demands. It is the annual carnival and eternal spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation. Meaning that it is “very public, with noisy celebrations, entertainment on the streets and fortunetelling at the temple” (Stepanchuk 26). The Dragon Boat Festival, this festival is to commemorate the great poet of ancient China: Qu Yuan's festival.

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Before that, it was actually a festival of plague and epidemic prevention. On this day, people will eat scorpions, and for those who love food, this day will never miss.

Most of the festivals in the West are related to religion. For example, Easter is an important holiday in the West. The Nicaea Religious Conference in 325 stipulates that the first Sunday after the spring equinox is Easter. Christians believe that Easter is a day to commemorate the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after the crucifixion between AD and 33 AD. It is a festival symbolizing life and hope. The most representative mascots in Easter are eggs and rabbits.

The ancients often regard eggs as symbols of many children and grandchildren. Later, Christians gave the egg a new meaning, believing it was a symbol of the tomb of Jesus, and the future life was born out of it. At Easter, people dyed the eggs red, representing the blood that came out of Jesus' suffering, and also symbolized the happiness after the resurrection. There is also an old custom that the cooked eggs are given to the children on the street to play games. They push the eggs forward, and whose eggs are the last ones, whoever wins, all the eggs belong to him.

Regarding this question: How should 'religion' and 'secularity' be understood? Where do 'superstition,' 'spirituality,' 'culture,' 'metaphysics,' 'cosmology,'etc. fit in? About 'religion' and ' The difference in secularity is actually very clear. 'Secularity' means that the festival is based on the needs of society. All people want to celebrate the harvest at a certain time. This special purpose has achieved the category 'secularity'. The birth of the festival. Religious festivals are relative to devout religious believers.

Secondly, the differences between 'religion' and 'secularity' can be well explained by 'superstition' and 'culture'. Holidays of the 'secularity' nature often have the color of 'superstition'. There are two reasons for this: First, superstition is a human instinct, human beings must satisfy their own instinct, and 'secularity' is a way to satisfy this demand. Second, the essential attribute of superstition is irrational. Therefore, human beings cannot be allowed to flood and must be regulated, restrained and controlled. Therefore, the state and society must seek and provide normative superstitious products for people, that is, religion, which is the difference between religion and superstition. The fundamental characteristics.

Updated: Dec 09, 2021
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