Demise Of The Traditional Festivals Cultural Studies Essay

February 14th is an of import twenty-four hours for lovers. When this twenty-four hours most people will purchase roses and cocoas give to the individual they like. We called this twenty-four hours Valentines Day. Valentine 's Day is from Europe. However, China besides has a festival like Valentine 's Day that is Double Seven Festival. Double Seven Festival is a Chinese traditional festival, in this twenty-four hours most of the misss would travel to pray to acquire a better love. Nowadays most Chinese people do non cognize what necessitate to make now.

This state of affairs tells us the traditional civilization is losing.

With the reform and opening up in China, tonss of new civilizations crowed into China. These civilizations get into China, a batch of Chinese are interested in these new civilizations. Because of this, Chinese civilization with the universe is acquiring more and more closed. Presents, most Chinese adolescents forget what we should make, when we are in some traditional festival.

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The major ground of this job is engineering, such as telecasting, cyberspace and conveyance. Possibly we will lose our traditional civilization in the hereafter. So we must to cognize some advantages and disadvantages of globalisation and which thing can impact our civilization. To be honest, we do non desire to lose our traditional civilization. So there are some ways to salvage our civilization. In this ways, we may do the universe know more about our civilization and larn it. So protect and spread our civilization is what adolescents like us should make.

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a…? . Background Information

As we know, there are 56 cultural groups in China ; China has a big figure of civilizations. The Hui nationality is major one of this. Muslimism from the in-between Tang dynasty was introduced into China, by Song dynasty to Ming and Qing dynasties ; it has a history of more than 1300 old ages. By some research that more than 2000 metropoliss and counties in our state, more than 95 % of the Hui nationality lived. Hui vesture dress and han the same by and large, work forces with white chapeaus, adult females wear a white chapeau and hair all packaged in it. Now most of the Hui nationality merely when hui festival have oning like this.

Another one is Miao nationality. Since 1949, Miao has been an official term for one of the 55 official minority groups recognized by the authorities of the People 's Republic of China. Miao chief life in the South of China, in the state of Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and other topographic points. Harmonizing to the 2000 Population Census, the figure of Miao in China is estimated that there are about 9.6 million. The Miao nationality includes Hmong people every bit same as other culturally and phonetically related cultural groups who do non name themselves Hmong. These consist of the Hmu, Kho ( Qho ) Xiong, and A Hmao. The White Miao ( Bai Miao ) and Green Miao ( Qing Miao ) are Hmong groups. Nowadays, some immature Hmong people do non talk Hmong or merely cognize a small Hmong. Because of this, we know that our civilization is losing. The major ground of this job is globalisation.

With the rapid development of scientific discipline and engineering, globalisation has non merely to advance the development of our economic system but besides changed our civilization. However, the impact of globalisation on traditional Chinese civilization non merely disadvantage but besides advantage.

a…? . Disadvantage of Globalization

There are three chief facets in the impact of globalisation on civilization. One is death of the traditional festivals, than is limit our cultural invention another one is control cultural liberty. This job can do our losing our civilization. These jobs can do the loss of our traditional civilization so we must pay more attending to this job.

First of all, death of the traditional festivals is the major consequence. In the procedure of globalisation, with the enlargement of the cultural exchange and spread of western civilization is like the inundation into China. However, the world tells us that as the western festival civilization was introduced into China, more and more Chinese people have a particular liking to those foreign festivals, and some traditional festivals of China 's national civilization are possible, even forgotten. Such as Double Seven Festival and Valentine 's Day is similar but many Chinese people know how to make in Valentine 's Day, do non cognize to make in Double Seven Festival. Because of this unsighted obeisance and uncomfortableness, which leads to the procedure of globalisation, the traditional festival in the Chinese civilization is confronting great danger, and even some traditional festivals towards a diminution.

Following is restricting our cultural invention. In the procedure of globalisation, we in the production of a big figure of advanced high-end engineerings imported from abroad. But excessively much trust on foreign scientific discipline and engineering, we will actively present embodied in, and less on their work in the digestion and soaking up. Such as, excessively many merchandises we merely copy this non to larn its specific rules. So we merely followed the footfalls of other states did non travel beyond those. These are reflected in the procedure of globalisation, the civilization shows deficiency of invention.

Another one is commanding of cultural liberty. The procedure of cultural globalisation will necessarily take to universe civilization full scope of struggle in the universe field `` , occupy a taking planetary cultural transmittal public presentation for the US-led Western civilization in the place of the dominant civilization. This state of affairs makes the Chinese people pay more attending to the Western festivals. If this state of affairs continues, we will non hold our ain traditional festivals. So we need pay more attending for our traditional civilization.

a…? . Advantage of Globalization

As we all know, globalisation is a double-edged blade. It non merely to convey some of the menaces and challenges, but besides brought us a figure of development chances. There are two benefits of globalisation, one is strengthened, and it attaches great importance to the authorities for civilization. Another one is show the universe the Chinese traditional civilization. So these two things can speed up the development of our state.

Bettering the authorities 's accent on civilization is a chief benefit of globalisation. The procedure of reform and opening up, Chinese authorities issued a series of steps in national cultural saving and development, through the cultural statute law, protection system and policy, cultural direction, and other agencies, efficaciously resist the globalisation to civilization hazard, for illustration, from cardinal to local authorities sections, actively take advantage of our alone national civilization to declare universe cultural heritage. In statute law, the Chinese authorities has Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Qingming traditional festival of the national legal vacations. And as Beijing Beijing folk civilization deliverance undertaking spend big amount of money ; Sing `` large cultural state '' building in Hebei state. Nanjing has a history of 2,500 old ages, held in April 2004, the universe 's historical and cultural metropolis of Expo. These are reflected from the side, the authorities began to pay attending to China 's national civilization.

At same clip, show Chinese traditional civilizations to the universe are another point. China as an Oriental antediluvian civilisation with a history of 5000 old ages, appears to hold been in the West is a full of cryptic topographic point. Since the `` Marco Polo head '' has been popular in Europe, Westerners have been the Chinese national civilization has a great involvement. With the ever-accelerating procedure of globalisation, foreign exchange and airing of Chinese civilization quickly. For illustration, China has been established in many states in the universe `` Confucius institutes '' , the universe set off a moving ridge of Chinese hot already. More and more aliens are attracted to China 's national civilization alone appeal. This shows besides happens to be that `` the more national, the universe '' , the harmonious idea of ancient Chinese Confucian civilization, to work out the struggle of international dealingss at present phase, besides has a great significance. Many Chinese classical doctrines contain simple dialectics ideas, and in comparing, western doctrine besides showed alone appeal. In the procedure of globalisation, through international exchanges and interaction of civilization, China 's national civilization has on the universe phase showed a eye-popping glare!

a…¤ . Decision

The Chinese state has a long history of 5,000 old ages, the civilization of magnificence to the development of human civilization in the E, and even the whole universe widely profound influence, this is adequate to worth us everlastingly proud. However, we want to cognize, the Chinese civilization is one of the universe civilization is really of import and highly characteristic of strengths of Chinese and western civilization. We have a batch more than western things, there are besides many less than western. Under the international background of the globalisation, the development of our national civilization is confronting the terrible trial, and full of new chances. All in all, it is necessary for us to hold on the cultural globalisation, in the spirit of bravery to open both absorb utile to Chinese national civilization kernel of western civilization, and stress the interior spirit of national civilization value, make the national civilization and foreign civilization blend in the new development chance, recognize the modernisation of Chinese national civilization.

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