Comparison Between Two Paintings: L’aurore (Dawn) 1881 And Three Women 1908

​​​​​William – Adolphe Bouguereau, the creator of L’Aurore (Dawn), formed this artwork in 1881. He was a French academic painter. In his realistic paintings he used mythological themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects. He put strong emphasis on the female human body. Bouguereau painting L’Aurore (Dawn), is made from oil paint, and is in the Neoclassicism period. It represents a female figure reaching back to smell a blooming calla lily. This famous painting can be found in the Birmingham Museum of Art located in down town Birmingham, Alabama.

Bouguereau has great beauty and technical skill when dealing with paintings. His attention to detail and smooth finished surfaces, produced human figures that are both lyrical and ideal. He studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Paris and classical art at the Villa Medici in Rome. Critics praised his images of nudes particularly for the detailed yet gentle rendering of skin. Dawn is Bouguereau’s first artwork in a series times of day.

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​Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, poet, and playwright. He once said “Everything you can imagine is real”, which means anything you think is real is real. The moment you think of something in your head it is real. In 1908 he created his famous masterpiece the Three Women. This painting is in the Cubism period and is made from oil on canvas. The Three Women is executed in a style which makes use of rough, violent striations. It is used to emphasize the different areas to the sides of the figures.

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This canvas was a photo taken in Picasso’s studio in the summer time of 1908. It was reworked during the winter, each of the women are now shaped somewhat different. These three women each have similarities as to where they can be formed into a tight sculptural group, This is also a nude painting.

These two paintings have differences you can only see by looking deep into the pictures and picking certain things out. Three women and L’Aurore (Dawn) are made in two different Era’s or time periods. Cubism was popular when Picasso made his painting, so, that is why his painting is joined together in a sense. Neoclassicism is more of a realistic style of paint and Bouguereau’s painting of Dawn fits the category well. In (Dawn) the painting has more of a smooth texture than the Three Women, which looks rough or on the hard side of things. The color of the two paintings are really distinct. In Picasso’s painting it is a mixture of colors that jump out at you when you look at the painting. (Dawn) is more of a basic sky blue, which has more of an outside presence.

The Three women has no space at all compared to the (Dawn) painting, everything is joined together to form one masterpiece but with three people. Bouguereau’s painting has a lot of space within the background and on the side of the painting. It has great use of perspective and lighting effects to make it seem realistic. Picasso’s painting exemplifies three African women. The woman in the far left is the most African in appearance, the body of the second woman is modeled in softer forms, as you can tell in the painting she isn’t made in detail unlike the other two. The third woman is believed too be the most abstracted and schematic or simplified. Bouguereau’s nude painting of (Dawn) represents a state of happiness. The woman is smelling the flower as if she is unbothered by anything. She is feeling free and wonderful. Bouguereau painting is more vivid, you can tell what is actually going on in the painting. In Picasso’s painting you can’t really tell the message he is trying to give unless you’ve done your research. The technique in the two paintings are different because they were made in different ways. Picasso made his painting formed together in a cubic style and Bouguereau made his painting in a realistic style.

Paintings that were made in the 18th and 19th century have some similarities to them. These two paintings are made up of women and oil on canvas is used to create these paintings. They are both bright and show color in there own little way. In Picasso’s painting the first girl has a similar pose like the girl in Bouguereau’s painting. In both of the paintings the women are nude which shows that they are comfortable with their body’s. Although, Picasso and Bouguereau were in two different time periods, they still have some similar traits within their paintings. In conclusion, these two artist are very creative and colorful with their paintings. They view art differently and that’s what makes it exciting.

Updated: May 25, 2022
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