Comparing the Similarities and Differences of Kali and Jazzy, Jyoti and Jasmine, and Jane and Jase in Jasmine, a Cultural Book by Bharati Mukherjee

Bharati Mukherjees Jasmine is a cultural book that involves the concepts of Indian Literatures, Jasmine, a girl who is learning to become an American, takes on another roles, another names and reinvents herself eveiy time she meets someone new. Jasmine is a school building that has new people coming in and out every year, As Jasmine meets different people, unseen sides of her personalities are shown as well as new names are introduced. Jasmine therefore can be described as a school having different people entering every year.

Although her name and personality changes, she is still the same Jasmine from birth. Kali and Jazzy, Jyoti and Jasmine, and Jane and Jase are how Jasmine has evolved who consists of similarities and differences. Kali and Jazzy are the same building but they are different in structure. The name Kali was given by Half-face, a man who had tried to close down the school. Jazzy was a name given by Lillian Gordon, a woman who helped the business to go well.

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The two different buildings have many similarities because they havent fully been exposed to the schools standards and expectancy, They are both independently working buildings, they are small buildings which havent been expanded yet, and they are both very strongly constructed and well organized. Kali showed the strength of the school when she took Halfrface out of the building, and Jazzy showed power by accepting different races, ethnics into her school which she didnt plan at first. They are both very well organized because Kali destroyed a part of the buildings structure to organize herself, and Jazzy got herself new clubs and activmes for the school.

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Although they are very much alike in many ways, they are different in solid ways as well. Kali and Jazzy are different in a way that Kali doesnt have as much students as Jazzy does. Kali is a school that is afraid to accept different kinds of children, while Jazzy has been accepting and learning from a lot of different students. I promised, I said, It is my mission to bring my husbands suit to America, Kali said to Half-face, which showed how she is quiet and afraid to talk With new people Jazzy has become a school which is considered fairly satisfactory for an American school standard.

However Kali is afraid to take further steps and accept new students to come in and move around her desks and chairs. Jyoti and Jasmine are the same school building but one has been upgraded from the other. The name Jyoti was given to the school by another building that was constructed long before this school had even started. The name Jasmine was given by Prakash, the person who had upgraded the building from Jyoti. Jyoti is an undeveloped school and has not yet been enhanced in many ways. Not many people know about this school and where it even is. It has not been under newspapers, and has not accepted any students. Jasmine is the embellished building of the original school, Jyoti. Jasmine follows the school standards, protects the children, and works hard to become the best school. Jyoti and Jasmine have many similarities because the upgrading has not been very large. They still dont accept children that they feel are not safe to work with and they both are not greatly original. The two buildings follow other schools plans and works rather than to start their own unique creativeness. They have been under instructions from other schools that they truly felt are the safest and the best to work with, Buds probably right. Most time hes right, said Jasmine, which told the readers that she was dependent and followed instructions of other people rather than think for herself. The process of upgrading created Jasmine to grow larger in the school size and more complex than Jyoti. More classes with variety. walls, and paths were constructed. Jyoti does not understand much school standards, and is not interested to ask other schools for help. Jane and Jase are the same school but not exactly a clone of each other. The name Jane was given to the school by Bud. Jane is a school that learned school standards, what she should do to improve the building, and used Buds help to learn what kind of building it was. They have signed a contract to be partnering and helping each other in needs and to be close and friendly. The name Jase was given by Taylor who also signed a contract to work with Jase effectively and instructively. Unlike Jane. Jase used Taylors help to fulfill the needs to know school expectancy, Jane and Jase both have learned from other schools and they are both proud of what kind of school they have become of, The differences between the two schools are that Jane is less interactive with her partner Bud. She doesnt express her ideas for the schools best, while Jase learned how to work independently and learned what a true school must do for its students. Jase also communicates to Taylor without awkwardness and expresses herself emotionally. This isnt your battle. Hed kill you. or Duff, to get me, Jase once said to Taylor which is very much different from when Jane was talking to herself, i wanted to shout to the lady. Mrs. Steve. Two years ago, Bud got shot and will never walk again. Are you listening? What kind of crazy connection are you trying to make between Mexicans and car payments? Whos the victim here? And what about Du? Mr. President, what about Du?

Unseen sides of her personalities are shown with the help of different characters attitudes towards her. Jasmine once stated, I have had a husband for each of the women l have been. Prakash for Jasmine, Taylor for Jase, Bud for Jane. Halfrface for Kali. Just like she has been a different school depending on who affected her business, Jasmine was very much like these schools. Same as having students entering and leaving a school building every year as time passes by. new characters enter her life as well as some exit. When new students enter the school, the building itself changes because of the movements of desks. chairs and different items coming in and out. However, the burlding itself is still the same school building. Jasmine, also having new people in her life, changes in most ways, However, Jasmine is still the same Jasmine from birth. In other words, Jasmine and a school are very much the same.

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