Comparative Essay Mac vs Windows

Diego A Sanabria Professor: Marcena J Salazar English 1301 Comparative Essay – Windows Vs. Apple Windows is probably the most famous operative system on planet earth. We can find it at schools, home and coffee shops. But what really makes different Apple Macs than Windows personal computers is the operating system. Personal Computers or PC’s run Windows and Mac use Mac OS X for example on windows the task bar and start menu is on the bottom of the screen by default, while on Mac OS X is on the top.

The windows task bar have a menu called start, while Mac OS X does not have a start menu instead has a floating dock that is located at the bottom of the screen. The internal parts on each computer are different, people can build a Personal computer just putting together parts from any factory, install windows and you have a computer, but on the other hand Mac computers are build from specific parts made customized for Apple.

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That makes Mac computers a lot more stable than Windows computers. Both operative systems come with “bundled” software.

In Mac OS, customers will get Safari that is the equivalent of Windows explorer, iTunes its like the Windows media player on PC’s, and others, the contrast with those bundle applications that apple install on their computers is that all of them are design to help the users, on the other hand Windows computers usually came with a lot of software that are just demo versions or publicity for user to purchase extra software, the result is slowdown the speed of the computer with applications that probably the users will never buy.

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Another issue that face windows machines is security. Users files and information can be lost due to viruses.

In 2006 only 2 virus attacks were present on Apple’s computers while there was well around 100. 000 reported virus attacks for windows computers. Mac computers are a little bit more expensive; the basic apple computer cost is about $900 dollars while you can find Windows computers for $300 dollars. But on top of those $300 dollars you are going to spend you need to add Antivirus $80, and if you plan to use a newer windows operative system version you need to add $219 that is the price of the windows 7 ultimate that is the equivalent of apple’s OS X, plus the warranty while apple warranty service is rated worldwide as one of the best, indows users face a lot of problems when they have problems with their computers, due that factories try to skip and find ways to refuse the warranty service, or usually they need to ship their computers for service, apple have several stores on the main cities that provide technical service for immediate response.

Many people have more experience using windows that the Mac OS, an unfamiliar operating system is intimidating and frustrating, but this intimidation can easily overcome in fun after a few months of using a Mac regularly. I would hope that people will give more chances and opportunities to mac computers because when you start using a Mac computer you never go back to windows.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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