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Coaching Role Model

Categories: Role Model

The coaches today at UCLA where all coached by Sue Enquist and all former UCLA players. Well finding as much information as I could on Sue Enquist I used the Google Search Engine typing search terms such as, UCLA Coach Sue Enquist getting 289,000 results with 10 articles pertaining to my topic. More terms that I used were Sue Enquist Softball with that I got 175,000 results with 7 articles some of them being from the search I used from above. Last search term I used was Sue Enquist Coaching Philospohy with 4, 190 results and 4 helpful articles.

Most of the articles came from her own personal website that had some videos of her speaking to young softball players sharing her coaching philosophy along knowledge of the game of softball and what makes a champion along with a successful player/person. There were also things that she have said that are very vital to players and coaches. One that I really like was “Every Champions road is different, but there is a theme that is woven throughout all of them.

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My goal is to give you the common tools that all champions possess which enables them to master their level of success. I look forward to the opportunity customize your action plan. ” Just be reading this quote you can get an idea of what kind of coach she is and it declares why she was so successful as a coach. There was another Website that I came across where other coaches, former players, and friends that she knew had to say about her.

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John Wooden was one of them and he had said “It’s the person she is that impresses me the most”.

Her former players basically said that she helped them grow as a player, gave them confidence, and they way she ran a team was a way you run your life always using the reference “when you’re the real world”. When coming across the article of her coaching philosophy was very interesting and it made a lot of sense. That’s how I would want my coaching philosophy similar to hers. Her coaching philosophy is Prepare for the game , love the game, honor the game.

When preparing for the game comes dedication and having leadership training to love the struggle that others avoid or hear. That’s when you truly honor your passion. You love the game, learn to respect it and everything else apart of it. In conclusion, Sue Enquist is an inspirational to other coaches and also to young athletes. All in all her one goal is to guide athletes to be the best that they can be and give their 100 percent in life and in sports. I learned a lot of information and learned new things about what it takes to be a good coach.

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