Continual Improvement of Knowledge and Practice in the Workplace

1.1Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. New ways of working are always being developed so it is wise to attend and provide up-to-date learning opportunities for all staff. Also there can be changes to laws, legislation and policy so it is of great importance to make staff aware of these changes so they can reflect them in their practice. 1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development.

Potential barriers of professional development can be:
Not enough funding and other resources provided by the company.

oNot enough staff. Staff can’t be expected to work all their work hours and attend extra training on top, this may cause burn out for the staff and also result in them not taking in as much of the training that they should because they are tired. oFear and lack of confidence in learning to additional learning. oLack of time because due to working lots of hours

Worry that staff will gain the extra training and then leave the company oLack of flexible working to take into account the extra learning oLack of IT skills

1.3 Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development Within Holme Farm we use our supervision sessions to discuss professional development. This can also be discussed in a group within our staff meetings. Staff can use the supervision to discuss issues regarding their own personal professional development in private if they wish to do so. Group supervision regarding professional development can be held and this can enable staff to identify other members of staff who have that same learning style as themselves thus enabling them to gain help and support from each other.

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This is the way personally I like to discuss my professional development. Holme farm staffs are offered access to a wide range of literature to enhance their level of understanding of the young people in our care. This way of learning is not suitable for all so individual and group sessions are offered to staff regarding issues that our young people face. This was of learning is a more direct approach as questions can be asked along the way but the benefits of the written literature is that it can be returned to at any time and re read and reviewed.

1.4 Explain factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date. Appropriately identify what learning opportunities workers need for their continuing professional development. Identifying what learning and development needs each worker has and linking job descriptions and carer specifications to relevant training and development. These need to be based on the learning levels of each worker. As a part of the management team I need to make sure that the time when any training or learning opportunities are to take place that all the shifts are appropriately covered and there is nothing thing going on that could cause the training/learning not to take place. For example around the Christmas and summer period when our young people are not in education and extra activities are taking place.

4.1 Compare models of reflective practice.

One model of reflection is the ‘Gibb’s Reflective Cycle. This model is a recognised framework for reflection. The Gibbs model consists of six stages to complete one cycle. The cycle begins with a description of the event, the next stage is to analyse our feelings, third is an evaluation of the experience, the fourth stage is for us to analyse the event to make sense of the experience, fifth stage is a conclusion of what else could have been done and final stage is an action plan to prepare if a similar situation should arise again. The Gibbs model encourages us to reflect as individuals. Kolb’s reflective model is centred around changing of information into knowledge.

This takes place after a situation has occurred and it involves reflecting on the experience, gaining a general understanding of the concepts encountered during the experience and then testing these general understandings on a new situation. In this way the knowledge that is gained from a situation is continuously applied and reapplied. The Gibbs model has five stages which enable you to break down what has happened and the fully understand how, why and where changes can be made next time around. Kolb’s cycle only has four parts and these are all based on solid facts and not how you feel and the emotions that run alongside a situation whether it be good or bad. Gibbs cycle takes into account you own personal thoughts and feelings. The language that Kolb’s cycle is written in is quite technical and could be quite hard to understand, whereas Gibbs cycle is written in simple English and is clear to understand what it is asking.

Kolb’s Modle of Reflection

4.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance. Reflective practice is important, as reflection enables us to improve skills and learn from experiences. This enables better practice in the future. Reflection allows you identify areas of good and bad practice that you may have experienced or observed. When analysing these experiences it is hoped that you learn and improve skills and knowledge. We use reflection as a tool to learn from experiences so that we can understand and develop our knowledge and skills, it helps us as professionals bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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