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This one appears to be truly straight forward; before you can assault the advertising procedure, you must have an item to showcase. This item can be physical or impalpable. In any case, it’s critical to compartmentalize whatever you’re putting forth into a nice unit. How would you do this? Packaging.


With the right tools, pricing can be a lot easier in retail. In retail there are a lot of different factors to consider, these are overhead expenses, competitors, profit, demand, product positioning, and market condition.

when optimizing sales, you must first find the pricing sweet spot.


Promotion is pretty much the point where retail promotion and advertising meet. In this industry it all about communicating with customers and increasing their interest in your product. Promotion can be anything from conventional publicizing to influencer advertising. In all structures, advancement requires a strong understanding of targeted customers and how best to contact them. This is one of the most important principles in retail, everyday business keep creating ways to promote their products.

In any case, a couple of the backup advancement strategies incorporate eye to eye advertising, in-store marketing, and deals advancements.


This industry requires a place where people will always be. retail business set their stores in places like the mole, markets and public places where people would visit every day. This strategy is strong for business, because they must put their products in a place where people will see it and buy it eye to eye.

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Retail capabilities begin at section level for those needing to join the business and proceed up to a Diploma of Retail Management for those representatives wishing to get the board aptitudes. Capabilities can give an assortment of employment results.

  • “Errand” shopping will wind up simpler, yet the interest in “esteem” retail will be more grounded than at any other time
  • Retailers that empower customers to construct and redo items will succeed
  • Retailers will progressively depend on robots

The retail industry that every human being knows today is mega great , because it has the power of technology and social media. Now days business can sell their products online or they can offer promotion through devise and other electronic devises. Retail in the olden days was a bit hard compared to today, businesses would require attention through markets and moles to increase the chances of getting more customers. With technology, the retail industry has found it sweat spot for getting more customers.

This occupation in the next 5 years will increase their workers with a total of 525200 workers. According to job outlook there will be about 445000 job opening in the next five years. In the past 5 years the occupation had about 519200 workers in the year of 2014. Going back ten years in this occupation they only had about 465400 workers in the year of 2009. In next five years its expected to have the same number as current.

This occupation is one of the largest retail jobs in Australia. The proportion of full-time jobs in this occupation is very low, which makes part time the higher proportion in this job. This job has a percentage of full-time work that is 29.2% which is lower then the average 68.4 % to all jobs. The average working hours for this occupation is about 36.7 hours as full time. The hours for this occupation are very low compared to all average jobs at full time with 40 hours. The unemployment for the workers in this occupation is very high. This occupation sort has a high unemployment data then all job average. The most common educational attainment is a year 10 certificate or year 12 and high education training. This occupation is mostly dominated by women. According to job outlook, the prestige of women working in this occupation is 67.1%. This beats the average score of women working in other jobs which is 46.7%. This job has an average age of 25 years old (average age of all jobs 40 years) the median age for this occupation is under 25 years old. The earning in this job is okay for school student looking to get their career. Overall it’s decent earning compared to other jobs.


This information doesn’t surprise me because I know people that work in this occupation and the things they must do in this job. To be honest I wouldn’t work in this job because the unemployment rate is high, and the pay is low if you’re paying for many bills and expenses. The hours are low as well compared to what I am aiming for, so I would what to work in this occupation.

Part 2- Age and Gender

This graph was created to explain the wage of a sales assistants and the average wage of All jobs. The graph above shows that sales assistances only get about $850 average pay every week. It also shows that the pay is below the all jobs average.

The graph shown above is to explain the age gap in the retail industry and all jobs average. This graph shows in this occupation the average age group of workers is between 15-19 with a percentage of 28.5%. This age group is a lot higher than all the jobs average. This graph also shows the number of young adults are working in this industry. At the top of the graph it shows that there is about 5% percent of old people working in this occupation.


The age and gender that is currently at the top in this occupation are female workers and an age group of 15 to 25. The age group gender for my job and the age gender of teens does align due to the fact business are employing younger people. People my age would get the influence of working this industry because that where most people start off when they are going to school or participating in a course. Females who are around their 20 to 25s they are way more experienced in the workforce because they have been working longer then my age group. Governments and businesses are interested in giving you people jobs because they get lots of profit towards their business or products. They pay less for the age group of this occupation.

Part 3- past and Present

In this occupation there more computers provided every single year for daily sales check, product checking, section check and price checks. Also, they are highly used for advertising. Security radios and surveillance are very common technology for this occupation, at every section in a furniture or fast food store there a security radio or surveillance cameras that help business owners to keep an eye on customers.

  • Wear cloves when attempting to touch products
  • Report all types off hazard to your manager or supervisor
  • Use all products in the correct term
  • Exit to safety if there is a fire or follow fellow team members

In the past there were no need for high qualification, things where a bit simple for this occupation, all you would require is experience in the business. Now days is ether a year 10 completion or year 12 certificate or high education in business. The salary and wages in this industry have not changed that much. Five years back the pay of this occupation was still the same with an average pay $18.50 an hour and about $600 to $800 salary. Facts about this occupation technology has also made the retail industry a bit had for business owners due the upgrades and transformation.


Yes! Technology has created more jobs in this occupation, they are now task like cleaning the computer and hiring people online. If I worked in this job in the past, it would be harder to find more customer compared to now where we have technology to contact and reach out to people. Technology has the greatest impact on this job because retail industry get more customers.


After researching this information, I have found out that sales assistance in retail is a very low paying job for an adult looking to start a life. Am less interested in this occupation because it’s something I would not enjoy, and it would be hard to keep talking to people every sing time. I also find out that this is one of the biggest occupations in Australia. In my opinion I thick in a couple more years technology will be even bigger to the point people will require some sort of techno skills to get a job. I think I have good skill with computer, fixing skills, and I can learn thing quick.

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