Choosing Business Analytic Profession

“Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda

This is the quote that has been my locution throughout. All the things that I’ve achieved in my life are a result of milestones and goals that I set. Typically a task seems monumental once you try and visualise the complete factor, however if you break it down into smaller goals suddenly it will become manageable. A career in Business Analytics is a goal I’ve set for myself.

My strong inclination towards mathematics and analytics, right from my college days, would facilitate me succeed this goal. My career goal is to be a business analyst, in near future, of great potential.

A famous professor described business analytics as the field which deals more with how data and models are utilised to make efficient business decisions. We can define business analytics differently as “data science for business.”

I am currently pursuing my B.Sc in Maths from Vivekanand College, Kolhapur.

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I have always been interested in the fields of mathematics and statistics, due to the ocean of opportunities that these subjects offer. They play a crucial role in business. It comes in handy, especially for rating organisation, financial markets, financial organisations, etc. During my course I also did a certificate course in web designing and development, which added to my technical knowledge as well.

Nowadays business analytics is used in most of the worlds major companies. I feel that business analytics is the need of the hour and companies need to comprehend what they choose to analyse and ahead from here, how they’re going to use those facts for decision making to get into a stronger position.

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I have always been fascinated by this subject, and due to my critical thinking and good analytical skills, along with my technical knowledge, I would like to carve a niche for myself in this field. My education has so far introduced me to the various possibilities, tools and methods but to be at the top rung of the ladder, I must master business analytics and hence, I have made a decision to embellish my skill set further. Since business analytics is a blend of business, data and technical knowledge as well, I feel that apart from knowing how to sell, knowing how well to analyse the parameters of a product and then selling it is also equally important.

There is a growing need for managers and employees who have suitable analytical skills and who can make informed choices for the growth of an organization. This requires me to hone my problem solving, critical thinking and organizational skills, study about how markets are driven using data, how data influences competition amongst firms, how a firm can make its product quality better and in general, making more informed business decisions to accelerate organizational growth, and move up the corporate ladder are just few among the essential capabilities that a company would require of a man or woman to be an eligible candidate for their job.

My reason for deciding on (name of college), is because the facilities here for my subject are second to none, I also liked the approach the university takes to my course, the university’s great reputation for Business Analytics, along with that it has one of the finest education facilities in the world. (name of college), MSc. Business Analytics program provides an inspiring educational experience which would help me in accomplishing my goals. The intensive programming modules will help me develop my practical programming as well as data analytics. In addition to this, the talented and expertise faculties with highest academic standards, within the program, would help me excel a lot in mastering the course. Also, the program offers opportunities to students to intern in well-known advanced corporations. It would be an opportunity for lifetime and being a part of it’s campus community would be exhilarating. It will also help me in developing confidence and independence in broad variety of areas such as mathematics, computational science and statistics.

In conclusion, I am certain that the university will help me gain insights about how life in the industry works and prepare me for a bright future ahead in the field of business. If I am given an opportunity, I shall make my efforts into more productive way to approach problems.

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