Child Kidnapping of Madeleine McCann

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The kidnapping of Madeleine McCann is still in our heads today. What happened to this little girl? Is she still alive? This are only two of the main questions which keeps us busy. Both newspaper articles are about a new progress in her case, namely that her parents know more about her disappearance. One is a newspaper article out of the Daily Mirror (first article) and the other is about the same subject but it comes from The Guardian (second article).

They both have a different approach of telling us the progress in this case and i will analyze the two pieces in terms of content and purpose, point of view, tone and imagery.

The theme in both articles is similar; they both discuss the new progress in the case of Madeleine McCann. However, the articles tell the news in a different way. The first article of the mirror mainly tells, why the court thinks that Kate McCann, the mother of Madeleine knows more about her daughter disappearance and tells how she reacts to this.

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There are many quotes from the spokeswoman of the family and it mainly tells how the McCann's feel and what they think of this whole situation. The sentences in the text are short with quite a lot of punctuation which make I livelier and easy to read.

The short paragraphs and the quotes makes the article a little bit more interesting and you get to know a lot about what the McCann's think. In the second article, which is the one out of the Guardian, immediately tells us this; 'Madeleine died in family's flat, claims ex-detective as her parents seek for defamation in second case'.

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It makes you think that there is new evidence in the case and that it is already clear that Madeleine's parents know more. If we read further on we get to know that this is not really the case because a detective just believes that there is a different story.

The articles talks about what is happening in court and tells us some background information about the missing of Madeleine. The purpose in the second article is mainly to inform us that there is a new trial in the case of Madeleine and tells us what they think are motives for the family to have killed their daughter. While in the first article they tell us that there is a new trial and why there is a new one. It tells us a lot more about how Mrs. McCann feels under this situation, which is not the case in the second article. In the first article, the writer is giving us information which express his opinion a littlebit.

It is not very clear, but he uses words such as; 'shameful claims', 'cruelly accusing'. He uses the word 'cruel' a few times, which to me shows that he is concerned with the case and that he thinks it isn't valid to think of the parents as suspects. In the second article words are more objectively chosen. It gives us the new information about the case but there isn't an opinion involved. The article out of the Daily mirror uses two picture, one of Madeleine herself and in the middle of the article is a picture of the father and mother walking.

In the article out of the Guardian they just use one picture, that of Kate McCann in court, looking a bit concerned. I feel that the writer of the Daily mirror was more interested in informing his readers about how the McCann's feel under this whole situation by using quotes and his opinion. While the Guardian gives us more neutral information about the case and it gives me more the idea that the writer just wanted to inform us that there is a new case.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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