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Light when reflected from another surface reveal many fascinating properties, one of these is known as polarization. Polarized prescription sunglass utilizes this property of light to reduce the glare from surfaces such as glass, snow and water. Generally a source of light produces waves which spread in all direction. When light bounces from flat road surface or smooth water surface, these light waves are horizontally polarized which implies that they move along an axis which is generally horizontal. This leads to the creation of an irritating intensity of light which we often experience as glare.

Polarized prescription sunglass helps in reduction of the haze and the glare as they have a special filters that blocks such intense glare, thereby keeping your eyes at ease and allowing it to see better. Let us look at some of the benefits of polarized prescription sunglass

Iris, which is a part of human eye, has the natural ability to prevent the penetration of too much of light from getting into the eyes.

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However, extreme sunlight renders even the iris of the eyes almost nonfunctional but the polarized prescription sunglass absorbs the sun’s extreme reflection and enables you to get a clear vision. Polarized prescription sunglasses are thus beneficial to:


Most of the athletes including the joggers, skiers, golfers and even the bikers find polarized prescription sunglass extremely beneficial as it helps in the glare reduction which often obstructs their vision during sports. This is the reason why the polarized lens which is used in polarized prescription sunglass is also used in sporty glasses.

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Polarized prescription sunglass is also useful to the drivers as it enables them to enjoy clear vision during driving by blocking the glare from the chrome of various other vehicles on the pavements. It thus reduces the dangers of road accident and ensures a safe journey to the drivers.

Marine navigators and Fishermen:

Since polarized prescription sunglass absorb the sun’s reflection emitted through transparent as well as flat surfaces, they are of importance to the marine navigators, fishermen, divers as well as skiers. These eyeglasses ensure clear vision beneath water as well as up in the sky. Polarized prescription sunglass can polarize the reflected light allowing them to vibrate into one direction. These types of eyeglasses can absorb almost 95%-97% of the sun’s reflection and are therefore considered to be a safety device for the marine navigators. It can also be used by the professionals who are into aquatic sports.

Eye-related disorders

Polarized prescription sunglass has proved useful even to those who have undergone cataract surgery. Those who are suffering from eye related diseases such as presbyopia and hypermetropia are also advised to use polarized prescription sunglass.

So, if you intend to buy polarized prescription sunglass, visit . This FDA registered company provides cheap eyeglasses on line including , progressive glasses, bendable titanium eyeglasses, and many more. They have enormous range of eyeglasses with different shapes and styles of frames and lenses.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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