Characteristics of a Good Boss

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Thesis declaration: To be a great employer you should have lots of qualities such as setting priorities; you likewise have great communication abilities, and last treating all staff members fair. I. (1st complete subject sentence, consisting of transition).

First you have to set your priorities directly.

A. Setting priorities first needs company B. An efficient employer has schedules, info, and materials kept in such a way that can be easily accessed. C. They are focused to constantly rearrange their group’s concerns to meet pushing needs.

D. Examine in with the group on a regular fundamental.

II. (2nd complete subject sentence, consisting of shift).
Second, you must have great communication abilities.

A. Great bosses interact their vision, goals, strategy, and expectations well. B. Good interaction indicates better relationships in the workplace. C. Explain the impact of in appropriate problem a boss might utilize D. They keep their employees informed so that they are not captured unaware. III.. (3rd complete topic sentence, including transition)

In addition, you also have to treat you employees fair.

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A. Boss treats their employees with the same amount of respect. B. They also treat their employees as members of the team C. They show understanding and the appropriate support of other team members to help get the job done. D. They treat fellow members with courtesy and consideration. Concluding restatement of thesis: I think the qualities of a good boss is the most important to employees because if you need any assistance they are there to assist you.

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Characteristics of a Good Boss

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