Cat vs Dog - Difference and Comparison

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Cats and Dogs have been America’s top household pets for centuries. There has always been a debate on which pet is easier and better to have. The differences between the two make it obvious that cats are much easier to have, like the level of attention, the cost, and the amount of time.

The level of attention cats and dogs need is completely different. Cats don’t need a lot of attention and for a busy person that’s great.

Cats love to be alone and almost always prefer it. While dogs often need walks and playtime cats would rather sleep and not be touched. Cats can be left home alone and not mind it while dogs often become distressed if left alone for long periods of time. Dogs tend to need more love from their owners and want to often be petted and shown praise for their good actions. Cats however could care less if you were still alive.

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Dogs are more social than cats. Cats don’t care for new people or new pets.

In addition to the high level of attention comes the high cost of having a dog compared to a cat. A dog requires a series of shots that cost a pretty penny to maintain. While cats that normally doesn’t leave the house or the yard doesn’t require shots like a dog that goes to a dog park. The spay and neuter procedure for dogs costs more than it does for a cat.

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Dogs also eat more than a cat causing the amount of money spent on dog food more than it would be for a cat. Also when a dog owner leaves town they often have to pay for their dog to be boarded or have someone to take care of their dog, while cat owners and leave some food and water down for their cat and they will be fine while they’re gone. Cat owners only have to worry about food and litter while dog owners need toys and beds for a dog.

Along with the cost of owning a pet comes the time that pet needs. Dogs require more time just like attention. Dog owners have to take the time to train a dog to potty outside while cats have the natural instinct to use a litter box. Dogs still need to be taken outside multiple times a day to use the bathroom while cats do not. Dogs also need to have time to play with their owners throughout the day or go on walks to get their exercise Dogs also need to be bathed while cats bathe themselves. Dogs require a lot of time in order to live a happy life while cats can be fed and have a clean litter box and live the happiest life. For someone who lives a busy life the cat would be a perfect pet for them.

When choosing a pet it may come down to what the owner’s lifestyle is like. Cats are a better choice for any lifestyle. The differences between the two make it obvious that cats are much easier to have, like the level of attention, the cost, and the amount of time.

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