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What is culinary arts? Culinary arts is a prominent part of American history and culture – not to mention an important and exciting career around the world. When you think about what is culinary arts, you should think of the things you love to eat. If you are a culinarian (or chef) then you can decide what your ingredients will be! I enjoy cooking and baking so I think this will be a good choice for me.

The salary for this career is averaged around ,950.

That’s a lot of money. There are a few different types of businesses that employ this type of career. Some are: Marriott: federal contractor flag, Hilton: federal contractor flag, and Compass Group, north America: federal contractor flag. They are all located in different parts of the U.S. There are also certain skills you need for this job. For example, you have to be precise, be a good businessman, and know how to keep the kitchen sanitary.

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There are 587 current job availabilities for this job around the U.S to be a cook. Some of which require me to move. I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve always wanted to visit new places. One job that looks interesting is about 1,454.5 miles which is about 21 hours. That’s crazy. But I’d do anything to get a good job and start earning money. Now, about school requirements. Some chefs complete certificate programs that typically last a few months, while others earn 2-year associate's or 4-year bachelor's degrees.

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A local and some non-local schools that have this course are, Culinary Arts Institute and café, The Culinary Institute of America, International Culinary Center, & Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. The price for the local one is about $4,221, and one non-local one costs about $17,410 per semester. Based on the job I want for my first ever job, I probably won’t get enough to pay for college so I’ll just have to choose a different job. I will put about 50-60% of my salary towards school payments so I will still have some money to take care of myself.

I chose this career because of how much I enjoy cooking and baking, mostly baking though. I’m not 100% sure that I want to do this career yet, I’m just giving myself some options. I’m fit for this career because I cook and bake all the time and I’m good at it. Cooking and baking are two of my favorite things to do in my free time.

Updated: Dec 09, 2021
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