Breath, Eyes, Memory, by Edwidge Danticat

Breath Eyes Memory, by Edwidge Danticat is a story based on a character named Sophie Caco. She travels from Haiti to New York to meet her mother Martine for the first time in her life. Both settings affected Sophie in many ways such as; Lifestyle, love and Personality. Sophie’s lifestyle changed when she leaves Haiti to go to New York.

This affected Sophie because she is used to live with Tantie Atie and Crox-de- Roset (Haiti), and now she will have to face the reality that she will leave her aunt Atie and live with her mother.

On Haiti she used to go to school and do chores with her aunt. On the other hand, when she is in big apple ( New York), she is struggling to interact with her mother and she won’t have the same privileges as she used to have on Crox-de-Roset (Haiti). Love is an important aspect on both settings. First of all on Haiti Sophie made a mothers card to her aunt Tantie Atie.

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A flattened and drying daffodil was dangling off the little card that l had made my aunt Atie for Mather’s Day”. However, when she’s days to go to New York she has to a nightmare of her mother.” My mother face was in my dreams all night long. She was wrapped in her hair. She opened her arms like two long hooks and kept shouting my name. Catching me by the hem of my dress, she wrestled me to the flour”.

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Now Sophie will have to face those problems and interact with her mother. However, time passed and Sophie Still doesn’t have that love for her mother like she used to have with her aunt. On the contrary, Sophie found how to fill that empty hole with her neighbor “joseph” when she fell in love with him.

The two settings have impact Sophie’s personality traits. On Haiti she is an excellent child, she used to play, do chores she did everything she wanted on Haiti. On the other hand, when she went to New York, she does not had time to play or do childish stuff. She has to transformed herself into a mature and responsible woman, and sometimes she had to become a mama for her mother because of martin’s nightmares she had after she went to sleep.” Whenever my mother was home, l would stay up all night just waiting for her to have nightmares.

Shortly after she felt asleep, I would hear her screaming for someone to leaver her alone”. Lastly we have discover, how each of the settings affected Sophie’s threw out the novel Breath Eyes Memory. If you had been Sophie how Would you react to this situation of life.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022
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