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So It finally happened for me then, I finally became a professional, I thought from here on out my life was gonna be easy and I was going to do well in my career…one day maybe fight at Madison Square Garden in New York…meet world champions and all that.

Why did I ruin it from one stupid mistake, what is wrong with me…

Or maybe I am wrong. Becoming a professional is exciting and the attention is great too.

The money comes flowing in but as well, I don’t think I’m ready to take on the responsibility of being a professional or even have fame yet, Youth and other people look up to people like me, as a role model for the sport and I let them and myself down…

I already feel bad enough for what I did and the damn paparazzi just make it all worst never mind causing the complete chaos that night.

Why did it have to happen to me, I’m ashamed and embarrassed to even step outside my own home because of these people, I know I took what I did the wrong way and it got out of hand but there was no need for them to get involved and ruin my career and reputation.

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It started at the barbeque I was having at my house for a relative’s special birthday. We were all having fun.There were a lot of people there, and someone had let this guy in who thinks he’s big and starts arguments and is always making out I’m just lucky and not talented.

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Usually it doesn’t bother me but He was going on and on and it was upsetting my family. And spoiling the night

He began to make fun of me in front of my Granddad who follows all my fights and is proud of my achievements

I asked him to go politely, but he wouldn’t shift….so I took hold of his arm to try to get him out the door and he took a swing at me. That is when I saw the flash of a camera…..he had brought a journalist from a not too good newspaper with him and a photographer.

Then I got really annoyed and swung at him.

He had planned this all along. He had been waiting for his chance to discredit me…and I had given him it. What an idiot!!

The papers have a good story now at my expense…professionial boxer punches a guest at barbeque…I can just see the headlines now…………..

Now there are paparazzi every where `i go…even parked on my front lawn. I will probably be summonsed for assault… stupid, mistake, one loss of control and my great career might be gone forever.

I am so mad with myself, and will have to bring myself back from this somehow.

Hopefully not through more violence.

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