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Both countries have suffered violations in their human rights As

Both countries have suffered violations in their human rights. As the previous information mentioned, Nigeria has an unstable justice system where the people live with fear daily. How can a person live with fear each second because there is too much insecurity? The police who should ensure protection to the population is the one kills, tortures and disappears people. It does whatever wants because the police have the power over others regrettably. Besides people need to be careful with the police, they also have to hold on forced evictions.

These people do not have any right and reason to believe in hope because everyone is taking it. The right to life and right to privacy are not happening. Any has the right to go to your house and take you out. It is unrespectful and immoral, but as it shows they do not have an alternative. With this situation, what is happening with the children? How can they become an example or a better person with that kind of role models? If a child looks that a policeman does not suffer and everyone respects him, he or she is going to like the idea of being like him.

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On the other hand, how can the people evicted would survive in the streets? They would not have access to basic needs and resources. The Nigeria government should think a little bit about their population and help it because if they continue like this, they will not survive against these injustices. (Amnesty International.

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On the other hand, Iraq also promotes fear in its citizens. This country has suffered from terrorist groups and wars, but innocent people are paying for government actions. There is present the terrorist group known ISIS. As a result, most of the people do not have basic needs and do not have the right to privacy and the right to show itself innocent until proven otherwise. How people accept those conditions in their environment? Are they used to look it as normal or pretend that nothing is happening? Human rights should be implemented in a strict way because people are not understanding their importance.

However, there are examples of these injustices. There is news about Nigeria and the article is Nigeria: Authorities must uphold human rights during and after elections. Everyone would suppose that the authorities must protect people from violence, and ensure respect for freedom of expression and assembly during these new elections. Nevertheless, they do not do it. There is a rivalry between the political sides and there is so much violence that people have died. The authorities have permitted these can of acts and conflicts that they should be responsible for not doing their work. (Amnesty International. 13 February 2019)

Indeed, there is also examples of news about Iraq. On February 19, 2019, there was an article known for its title “Iraqi militias use threats, violence to keep Basra press in line”. It is about a journalist who writes about the situation that is happening right now in Basra Iraq. The corruption is too catastrophic and is producing fear in everyone. For example, Mia Khalifa has gotten attention between the population and the journalist commented that a politician could be more honorable than Khalifa. This journalist also said that could be interesting to ask about basic needs problems like lack of water, electricity, sanitation, and jobs. By the way, Basra has many problems with violence, threats, and assault. Indeed, there have been assaults to other people and that caused a crime. According to (Delgado, I. February 19, 2019), “journalists appealed to higher authorities in Iraq about the assault, but over three months later the attack has still gone unpunished.” (paragraph 25) (Delgado, I. February 19, 2019)

These news are poof of the violations against the human rights. Especifically, the articles that are being violated are:

  • Article #3: Right to life, liberty, and security. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #7: All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #9: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #11: Right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article # 12: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #19: Right to freedom of opinion and expression. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #21: Right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #22: Right to social security and is entitled to realization UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #25: Right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family. UN General Assembly. (1948)
  • Article #26: Right to education UN General Assembly. (1948)

In conclusion, these countries need to take action about this huge problem because people do not deserve to live like this way. The previous information shows how many articles are violated by these government. Corruption, violence and discrimination is growing and they should be decreasing because those aspects are not positive for anyone. These people deserve all the rights and a dignity life because all human beings inherit the rights. No one can object to give them or decide to take them away. Everyone should stand up and help these countries because for example right now you’re enjoying those right while them are losing them little by little.

These prove how both countries are in similar conditions, and their population is losing everything because the governments do not care about their people. Unfortunately, the solutions for them won’t come in their own country.

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