Bob Dylan or Robert Allen Zimmerman

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Robert Allen Zimmerman also known as Bob Dylan was born on May 24th 1941 In Duluth Minnesota. He and his family were raised in the community of Hibbing this is the high school he graduated from in 1959. When he formed his earliest bands he was influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. When he was attending the college of Minneapolis this is where he began to perform his folk and country songs at cafes and local restaurants, and went under the alias “Bob Dylan”.

In the early 60’s he dropped out of college and moved to New York where he idol Woody Guthrie was hospitalized with a very rare disease. He started to perform in some of the coffeehouses of Greenwich Village and he became a regular. he signed his first recording contract in 1961 where one of his performances received rave reviews in the NY Times and was dubbed as one of the most influential voices of that time in music.

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In his original album Bob Dylan it only contained two original songs and the rest were covers of folk and blues music. In 1963 Dylan released another album which contained the track “Blowin in the Wind” which actually became a very big hit for another big group of singers “Peter Paul and Mary” this was also the year where he became involved with the Singer Joan Baez, This relationship with Joan Baez only lasted a short while they both had something to gain from this domestic partnership Dylan was known to write some of Joan Baez best Songs and Because Baez was already established in the music scene Dylan was able to be exposed to many fans at one point.

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A very symbiotic relationship.

In 1965 Dylan tried to reinvent his image by recording a half acoustic, half- electric album titled Bringing it all back home on July 9th 1965 he was booed at a Newport Folk Festival when he performed some of the electrical pieces for the first time. Determined not to give up his creative passions hr continued to try to reinvent through the following years to come. In an Early July day Dylan beheld a tragedy when he came into a motorcycle accident. That he had to spend a year recovering from. He still continued to release music which was covered by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and toured full time. In 1974 Dylan began his first full scale tour for his first number one album ever. In 1977 Dylan received 3 Grammys for his album Time Out of Mind, and a golden globe and academy award for best original song and his acting in the film “Knocking On Heavens Door”

In more recent years Dylan was one of the artist featured on the six-track EP universal Love: Reimagined that was released in 2018 and he and launched his own whisky brand called “Heavens Door Spirits” he is still touring and doing well.

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