Biography And Facts Of Henry Rollins Life

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Fans who still love to listen to tunes of yesteryears that deserve another listening would surely know the legendry artist Henry Rollins whose initial contact with fame came with his role as the lead singer of Rollins band and the Black Flag which were the flavors of the 1980s and the 90s.

The multitalented entertainer whose occupations includes; journalism, acting, singing, comedy, activism, writing, motivational speaking, performing, publishing and radio hosting has been active in the industry from 1880 till present. His genres which include alternative metal, hardcore punk, spoken words and comedy have been explored through the practice of his multi-faceted occupations.

Born in Washington DC on the 13th day of February 1961, the emerging star joined the punk band known as Black Flag in his early teens, he recorded some success as a spoken word artist after he left Black Flag in 1986 and founded his Rollins Band which has several tours between 1987 and 2003 and also during 2006. Acting was added to the singer’s resume when he stated appearing in several movies and television drama series.

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The Henry Rollins Show which spanned between 2006 and 2007 was his own television program. The multi-talented entertainer has authored some books and audio book which are quite popular with fans.

Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Is he Gay

Sources have it that the multi-talented artist has expressed his dissatisfaction with homosexual magazines who repeatedly interview him with the belief that he must be gay, according to him there is nobody on earth that is as obviously un-gay as he is.

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The records also have it that the former Black Flag front man has not cultivated any romantic relationship with the opposite sex and as a result, has remained childless till date.

On his own part, Henry sees himself as a loner who has no desire for a wife or worst still father a few kids. He simply prefers his own company and is comfortable with doing things alone but that does not mean that the former punk legend dislikes people, he really bonds with people when and if he decides to socialize but more often than not he walks alone.

Despite his reiterated statements about being a loner, there are sources who have gone on to dig up what they termed “Henry Rollins’ Past Relationships”, the rumors had it that in 1990, the legendary artist was in a relationship with Lydia Lunch a co-star whom he met on the set of the movie titled Kiss Napoleon Goodbye. The rumors were fueled even more when the duo became unusually close during filming and were really sharing some steamy scenes together on set, but the fact that they were never seen in public together made the press to term their purported relationship as a mere rumor.

Henry’s next ostensible romantic entanglement was with Kari Wuhrer who is quite renowned in the dating department with her long list of past lovers who amounted to nothing in her life. According to the soft whispers, both met in a movie event in 1999 but their relationship came to an end after a very short while. The one that made headlines was Henry’s romance with Sophie Dee a Canadian star who was new in Hollywood. The two supposedly started in 2001 and broke up the same year after a few months. Janeane Gorofalo, a stand-up comedian and known activist was his purported last love interest whom he met in 2007, and this time, the grapevine let the relationship last for all of 12 months before bringing it to an end in 2008. Despite all the supposed romantic entanglements, the super star has never been in any marriage and consequently divorce has never been an issue for him.

Whether the musical legend has been with the opposite sex, is a loner or gay is still left to be seen but recently, he revealed how he faced sexual abuse as a seven-year-old child at the hands of his mother’s drunk boyfriend. According to him, his mother sent her pervert of a boyfriend over to straighten him out for doing a few wrongs but the man rough handled him after asking him to off his cloths, he was just thankful that the man didn’t think of penetrating him.

On the issue of same sex marriage, the celebrated singer cum actor completely supports gay relationships, according to him a man should be allowed to marry his fellow man if they so desire. The gay rights supporter said that his country Australia should be fast in passing the gay right law or continue to be backlashed by other liberally minded nations.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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