Biography And Facts About Okaro White – American NBA Player

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The NBA’s popular player brands are getting too old and soon the name on everyone’s lips might be players who are currently young and unknown in the sport. One of those players is Okaro White. Okaro White is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball for Florida State.

Okaro White was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 13, 1992. He has an older brother and sister. His mother, Charmaine White ran track for the Jamaican national team.

White has spent his life dedicated to different sports with basketball eventually becoming his chosen career. As a teen, he played football and ran track. In football which he was good at, he played quarterback and free safety positions.

At his high school, Clearwater High School, White was named Pinellas County’s Basketball Player of the Year. He moved to play college basketball at Florida State after receiving scholarship offers from Florida, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Clemson, and Miami.

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When he comes to basketball, He certainly looks the part. Standing at 6ft and 8 inches tall and weighing 93kg, Okaro is certainly a man with the looks to pursue the sport of his choice.

His short career has seen him so far play in Italy, Greece, and in the United States where he has played for Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and currently is on the roster of San Antonio Spurs.

Facts about Okaro White

He comes from a Sport Family

If you are going to become an active player in one of the most athletic sports in the world, it helps to come from a family with active sport history.

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Okaro is one of the lucky few. His mother, Charmine White ran track for the Jamaican National Team. If you are familiar with the Jamaican track and field team or ever watched an Olympic race event, you would understand how competitive the Jamaican National Team is and his mom running for the National Team officially makes her a bad ass.

A big fan of Spaghetti

If Okaro White lives up to his potential and becomes one of the NBA biggest player brands, it might be a handy information to have for trivia game nights that his favorite food is Spaghetti. More specifically, ‘sweet spaghetti’ which is spaghetti but with plenty of sugar in it. I suppose if you are an athlete who burns off a lot of calories, indulging in guilty pleasures such as this have little consequences.

Once played as a Quarterback

Having mentioned earlier that Okaro comes from a family of sports, it is no surprise that he tried his hands at a few other sports before his body and passion landed him in Basketball. Okaro played football at high school level, as a quarter back and in the free safety positions. The quarterback position would certainly have helped his vision, passing and ability to read a game. All skills necessary in succeeding in the high speed game of basketball.

He would have been a Customs Officer

Okaro White, in 2017 was acknowledged that if He weren’t playing basketball, He would love to be a Customs officer, working along the Canadian border. When asked about such a specific and unique choice, he credits his choice on his TV interests. A big CSI fan, Okaro said it inspired him to choose Criminology and Social Science as his major in college.

He is very energetic

Probably down to the years of eating sweet spaghetti or having a childhood of intense participation in sports, Okaro White is a very energetic player. This helps him excel in high tempo games. His athleticism and length allows him to get up and down the floor like a guard. Certainly if basketball doesn’t work out, he would have been a more than competent Custom officer.

Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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