An inside Look at the National Basketball Association League and Great Players in the Game

When looking at the game basketball, people have noticed that these two great players achieved almost all the awards the game basketball has to offer. They both led their respective teams to championship title. Michael Jordan lead the Bulls to the N.B.A title in 1991-1993 and 1996-1998, while on the other hand Larry Bird led his Celtics to N.B.A title in 1981, 1984, 1986. They were also frequent starters in the N.B.A all-star game. They participated in the all-star game almost every year.

Michael and Larry were also named M.V.P of the league numerous times. They both had the honor of being called the Most Valuable Player of the league more than once. The most important achievements that the both of them achieved were that they both represented their country at the Olympics and they both won Olympic gold metals. The achievement of these two players is beyond is beyond the capability of most N.B.A players today.

Several basketball fans have noticed that Michael Jordan and Larry bird had different athletic ability. The both of them approached the game differently. Larry Bird was better known as one of the greatest all around performers of the game, while Michael Jordan was better known for explosive scoring ability and inspired defensive play. The both of them also had different roles to play on the court. Larry Bird played Forward, while on the other hand Michael Jordan played guard. Michael Jordan had a better athletic ability than Larry Bird; he was quicker, and he could jump higher.

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He did some things in the game that were unreal. For example, he made a game wining shot with two players in him.

The popularity level of these two great basketball players varies a lot. Michael Jordan’s popularity has spread well beyond scoring titles, championships and other aspects out of playing basketball, while on the other hand Larry Bird’s hasn’t. Larry Bird didn’t make that great impact as Jordan did in the game basketball. For example Michael Jordan is well known throughout the world for being the first man to dunk from the free throw line. Michael Jordan’s popularity travels well out of the game of basketball while Larry bird’s popularity remains in basketball. For example, Larry bird worked as executive officer with the Boston Celtics and he coached the Indiana Pacers in the 1997 season. On the other hand Michael Jordan popularity has grown out of basketball issues. For example, he did a movie called Space Jam and he is also well known for doing business with Nike. The popularity level of Michael Jordan is way higher than Larry Bird’s. Michael Jordan’s face is well known throughout the world.

Before fans judge the achievement, athletic style and popularity of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, they must recognize a few things about these two players. Larry Bird was white and he did well in basketball in the 80’s, and his career was very short running from 1979- 1992. In contrast, Michael Jordan was black and he did well in basketball in the 90’s and his career was longer running from 1984-today. Most people might not agree that Larry Bird was better than Jordan, but they would agree that Larry Bird was the player of the 80’s while Michael Jordan was the player of the 90’s.

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