The heroism of Edward: From Tall Tales to Real Life

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Simply as Edward is forecasted a hero in his tall stories, I consider him a hero in his genuine life too since tall tales and real life have actually got blurred lot of times in the motion picture-- Big wheel. Flight of fancies are simply an exaggeration to what has actually taken place. Where there is exaggeration there is little scope of truth. Despite of what Edward was saying was largely imaginary, people still got lured to listen to him, shows that he had brave qualities.

I believe this a really crucial quality of a hero.

Even when individuals understand that you are not always informing the fact, if they wish to listen to you and get enthralled by what you are stating, then there need to be something special in you. This is what a hero actually is, despite being among the masses, he has a special quality which individuals like. Few people have the capacity to fantasize and believe in a lot detail as Edward did.

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A hero is not constantly the one who is physically fitter than individuals around him and who has the capability to eliminate 10 males at the exact same time.

Rather, a hero can also be a person who has some other uncommon characteristic. They are not individuals whom we can not reach. But are people whom we discover in our daily lives. Edward is one such individual that can be thought about a hero in his genuine life too. Informing tall stories is normally thought about an unfavorable quality of an individual but only if those tall stories; belittle individuals whom the speaker is resolving.

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This was not the case with Edward. His exaggerations gave entertainment for others and not something that people wanted to avoid.

In ordinary regular lives, if someone has a quality to make others delighted and forget their sufferings and sorrows, then he becomes their hero. In his personal life too, Edward had done specific things that is not possible for everybody to do. For example when Edward discovers that the town of Spectre was genuine and has actually fallen under hard times then he does not avoid it. Rather he feels responsible for it and reconstructs the place with his contacts and cash.

Doing so much for someone or something when it could have been easily avoided is yet another trait of a hero. If he would have left the town of Spectre in its bad shape then no one would have questioned him or blamed him for that. But like a hero he rose for a good cause and proved his kindheartedness. The only negative aspect that scars the chances of Edward being considered a hero in his real life is the fact that he was not a hero in the eyes of his only son, Will. Till the very end his son did not share a good relationship with his father.

But the irony is that in the lives of most of the heroes there are some people, unfortunately those very close to him who fails to see the hero’s exceptional qualities. This was the case of Edward too. But thankfully the father–son reconcile towards the end of the movie. This incident stresses the fact that at the end even his son accepted him and his exceptional qualities. According to McDermott “The real life versions of the people from Ed’s stories turn up to bid their final farewell, showing that the legend was closer to reality than the skeptical Will ever dreamed.

At the end, Edward Bloom becomes the big fish he always wanted to be. ” (para. 8). To be able to achieve something that one always wanted to achieve is not a mean thing and a person who is able to so is a hero of his own life if not that of others. Therefore in addition to his tall tales, Edward is a hero in his real life too. The movie blurred many times between the reality and fantasy and Edward was an integral part of both the worlds that were depicted. References Arran McDermott. (2004). Retrieved Jan. 12, 2008 from http://www. timburtoncollective. com/bigfish. html

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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