Being a student in today's society holds a vast quantity of pressure

Being a student in today's society holds a vast quantity of pressure to try and do one thing: graduate. Thirteen years of going to school every day prepare students for future major steps in their lives. Every student faces several struggles and frustrations before graduation day arrives. One may build assumptions on a student by just looking at his or her seating position. Motivation, determination, and concentration can establish a student's quantity of success. The three most common types of school students are for sure underachievers, average students, and overachievers.

The first type of student, known for doing more than asked and only focusing on schoolwork are the overachievers. This student is usually ready and has one of the highest ranks in their respective class with a high GPA. This student rarely gets into any sort of trouble and would preferably be caught dead than sleeping and simply loves the school life. Another factor this student has is that he/she has created a hobby of making everybody else look like they don't do enough work, regardless of how much effort someone puts into doing something they will be blown out of the water by this specific student.

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If someone has no clue regarding a question on schoolwork or even a difficult question on a quiz or exam, there is no questioning that this student knows the answer. This student will pay most of his or her free time in activities connected to school, like at a library or at tutoring.

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This student will be the one everyone has high standards for and looks like he/she will go farthest in life.

Second type of student, well known by everybody for not caring about anything school related are slackers or underachievers. This individual has no interest in maintaining a passing grade in any category and has no real apparent goals in life in general. As described, no one is exactly aware of why this person still attends faculty and how they keep advancing grade levels is still a mystery for everyone, including themselves. This person is usually laid back, never turns in schoolwork and is always asleep. In addition this person never studies which results in them failing a quiz or exam and takes it without becoming upset. This is the person everybody has low expectations for despite how cool they are.

The third type of student, who cares and doesn't care at the same time is the normal student. This students grades will never be glorious; however, they definitely don't seem to be the worst. Most often this student will procrastinate till the very last moment, but he/she will get it done. Sometimes this student is going to fall asleep; however, only when he/she views it necessary. This student possesses the talents to attain greatness except for some reason isn't the best for reasons most of the time referring to laziness. They will participate in school but are not always noticeable. Most times nobody expects a lot of from these students however often one can pull through with something superb, be it a project or an exam with no wrong answers. The whole goal of this student is to place in a median quantity of labor and succeed with average grades thus get through the long years of school with relative ease.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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