Ballad of A Mother's Heart by Jose La Villa Tierra

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The night was dark, for the moon was young And the stars were asleep and rare;The clouds were thick, yet Youth went out To see his Maiden fair. “Dear One,” he pleaded as he kneltBefore her feet, in tears,”My love is true; why have you keptMe waiting all these years? “The maiden looked at him unmoved,It seemed, and whispered low:”Persistent Youth, you have to proveBy deeds your love is true.” “There’s not a thing I would not doFor you, Beloved,” said he.

”Then go,” said she, “to your mother dear And bring her heart to me.

“Without another word,Youth left and went to his mother dear. And opened her breast and took her heart.He did not shed a tear! Then back to his Maiden fair he ran,Unmindful of the rain;But his feet slipped and he fell down And loud he groaned with pain! Still in his hand he held the prize That would win his Maiden’s hand; And he thought of his mother dear So kind, so sweet, so fond.

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And then he heard a voice, Not from his lips but all apart:”Get up,” it said; “Were you hurt, Child?”It was his mother’s heart.

1. Fundamentals of Christian Morality Respecting Human Sexuality Ric A. Cervera St. Paul University Iloilo 2. Celebrating My Manhood / Womanhood
3. As God’s gift to us, it is the way in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings. Human Sexuality (Celebrating My Manhood / Womanhod )
4. The Sixth Commandment protects human sexuality. You shall not commit adultery” prohibits married persons from entering into sexual union with someone other than their spouse.
5. It touches on the very nature of human sexuality and the full range of man-woman relationships. It protects the family and marriage, with their two ends of procreation and human completeness.
6. The Christian view of sexuality Our sexuality is viewed as a fundamental component of personality, a good thing created by God, restored by the power of Jesus Christ and enriched by the saving activity of the Church, and by which the whole person enters into communion with others.
7. Sexuality is not the same as the sex act. All human persons must develop their God-given gift of sexuality. But some freely choose, for the sake of the Kingdom, not to enter into the sex act. 8. With Christian view on human sexuality, men and women are: of equal personal dignity and human rights created through love and for love called to mutual gift of self and reciprocity different but complementary
9. The different states of life expressing love for men and women are: consecrated celibacy chosen freely for the sake of the Kingdom conjugal union of the married Christian youth before entering into a definite state of life the single blessedness chosen by lay faithful
10. The Sixth Commandment “liberates” man and woman from: “ self-righteous decency ,” consisting of hypocritical moralizing and misguided taboos regarding sexuality; “ i ndecency ,” which exalts casual, spontaneous sex without commitment or love.
11. “ You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” goes to the interior root and source of the disorders of the flesh by prohibiting covetousness, or evil desires of the heart. The Ninth Commandment 12. The Ninth Commandment protects and enjoins a free, responsible fidelity life-long conjugal union. 13. Positively, the Ninth Commandment enjoins purity of the heart or the virtue of chastity which signifies the spiritual energy capable of defending love from the perils of selfishness and aggressiveness . 14. The Church’s position in masturbation, homosexuality, pornography and prostitution These realities masturbation and homosexuality hinder achieving such sexual maturity by turning away from the self-giving love and service to life.

7. Dapat isaisip ang mga virtue na napakahalaga sa Ika-anim na Utos-purity ,temperance , self-control at modesty. Iwasang gumawa ng anumang bagay na ikakasira ng iyong dignidad.Ang pagrespeto mula sa iba ay nakukuha kung irerespeto mo ang iyong sarili. Ang mga babae ay dapat igalang.Huwag silang babastusin. Ang ating kapwa anuman ang kasarian ay dapat igalang.

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