Assessment on Communication Skills in the Area of Speaking and Writing

People talk face to face, and they listen to each other. They write emails and reports and read the documents that are sent to them Human beings are communicating. In both decoding and encoding messages, people spend almost 70% of communication time as speakers. (Jaime Gutierrez-Ang 2009).

Communication is two way process by which information is exchanged between or among individuals through a common system of symbols, science and behavior (Martinez 1) Being a two way process, communication occurs in a orderly and systematic sequence wherein human beings are able to see and hear what transpires in their environment.

As a process, communication is dynamic, adaptive and continuous. Being a survival mechanism, communication helps us develop to be unique persons, relating and cooperating with others. It satisfies our physical, ego, social and practical needs. It is indeed essential in life. (Mely M. Padilla 2003) Speaking and writing are skills that have similarities. Both require the use of language symbols to express needs and feelings, they are both governed by the rules of semantics and syntax.

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Both are also expected to achieve communicative purpose- a degree of understanding, common knowledge and shared expectations. In speech, we monitor what we say by listening to the revised or connected ideas, while in writing, we monitor what we write by reading and rereading. Furthermore, the speaker and the writer should be able to determine how simple or complex and formal the statements should be. But there are differences in speaking and writing too. Writing differs in speech in several ways.

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According to Vygotsky ,e.f Hughey 1983, composing a written discourse is a “separate linguistic function differing from oral speech in both structure and mode of functioning. Even its minimal development requires a high level of abstraction”. Writing is significantly different from speaking because writing requires a more complex and difficult discourse. (Saymo, 2004.)

In reflecting upon and surfing out communication skills, then think of communication as ways and means of gathering and relying information, and think of information as what there is to be gathered by any means that is consider the widest range of writing and speaking as you consider your communication skills. In relevance to the Department of College of Education, Communication skills of the students have to be enhanced.

The researchers encouraged the department that through Speech Laboratory to measure the speaking skills of the students as well as the writing skills where in the teachers can identify where the strength of the students and of the their weaknesses are in the components communication skills in the area of speaking and writing. It is also an instrument to detect students’ potential in speech so that it can be developed and can be a product of the department in the area of speaking and writing.

The researchers look forward for the program that can be developed based on the results of the study. It will be a universal program for the teachers to have the better and effective instructional materials. The researchers foresee the unbiased treatment of the teachers towards the students through the help of universal program. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study aims to determine the levels of communication skills of BEED Gen.Ed freshmen students of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College for the first semester academic year 2013-2014 as Basis for Program Development. Specifically, it will aim to answer the following specific questions. 1. What are the levels of Communication Skills of BEED Gen. Ed freshmen students in the area of speaking and writing when they are grouped according to: a) School Graduated

b) Mental Ability
c) Parents’ Educational Attainment
2. What are the difficulties in the components of Communication Skills of BEED Gen. Ed freshmen students when they are grouped according to: a) School Graduated
b) Mental Ability
c) Parents’ Educational Attainment
3. Is there a significant difference on the level of communication skills in the area of speaking and writing when they are compared according to: a) School Graduated
b) Mental Ability
c) Parents’ Educational Attainment
4. Based on the results, what program should be developed?

There is no significant difference on the level of communication skills of BEED Gen. Ed. freshmen students in the area of speaking and writing when they compared according to where school they graduated, mental ability and what their parents’ educational attainment. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK

Communication is the way to learn the person. If he is to be deprived of the chance to communicate with others, he should have sense of identity. It is through communication that one gets the chance for affirmation of self-concept and sharing of views about a variety of things among others. People relate socially with each other through communication.

Personal communication is essential for a person’s well-being. Sufficiency or absence of communication has a bearing on one’s state of physical health. For one, stress is heightened or dissipated depending on communication or lack of it and the nature of its content. So as being a two-way process, communication occurs in an orderly and systematic sequence where in human beings are able to see and hear transpires in their environment (William Schutz).

These statements emphasize the importance of communication in different area of human needs. Communication is very essential because human being develops their capability to speak through interaction with others. Especially the children ages 1-5, they are great imitators. They observe the actions of their parents, brother and sister, playmates and others. They tend to discover the words by their own through observation.

According to George T. Wilkins Speech is the most important of all means of communication. In the great government politics, and in the expression of our own democratic rights, speech is also most important. Good speech is essential to participate in democracy. As to the students, speech can help express their feelings. It can help through participating in classroom discussions, reciting in classroom activities and reporting assigned tasks. Effectiveness in speaking is a climb to a ladder of seven steps (Eugine E. White and Claire K. Neudelider).

The quote stated that the speaker should first analyze and know the audience that will listen. In connection to the communication skills assessment, the students that have difficulties in speaking will assess by the recommendations and develop program that this study aims to achieve.

For further information, communication is the KEY which unlocks all the doors to a successful and fulfilling school life experience, to getting cooperation with your students, that allows us to feel understood, for resolving conflicts between teachers and students, to let students know what your needs are and how best to meet those needs, to fewer conflicts in the classroom and in the playground, to building self-confidence and self-esteem, to feeling listened to by your students, mutual respect in the classroom, to less resistance and more cooperation, to everyone feeling safe to be themselves and to have more fun in the classroom. ( .

These only prove that communication is really very important in life especially in the teaching and learning process. It is the key to open the teacher and student mind and their capabilities to speak and write well. C

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