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Reading, Writing and Speaking

Reading, writing and speaking are very important activities in the life of people. For me, it is very important to organize my working process thoughtfully. The environment has a great significance and I pay much attention to making it convenient. Reading, writing and speaking require constant development which is why I am using specific strategies helping me to improve my performance.

Reading, writing and speaking are particularly captivating processes for me. I try to devote some time regularly my skills improvement.

I think that an intelligent person always strives to continue developing. Reading, writing and speaking skills are inextricably intertwined with correct thoughts formulation. I believe that a person who possesses the skill of correct thinking should indispensably know how to explain his/her thoughts. Otherwise, they might doubt about their own clear understanding of specific topic if expressing personal opinion causes difficulties. Language and speech are essential parts of every human’s life and are indispensably connected with personal developmental level.

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Reading, writing and speaking require certain efforts from me as each of these processes has some specific peculiarities helping me to organize it in a maximum productive way. These distinguishing features of harmonious working on a specific task are deeply personal while recognizing them and including into daily schedule simplifies my life significantly. Reading requires deep concentration from me, and I usually read a text for several times in order to grasp all the needed details if the material is not just for entertainment. First, I try to think what the text is about which helps me to turn on my imagination in order to make the reading process more fruitful.

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After the first stage, I look through the text in order to notice the most important points. The third thing I do is reading the text attentively and clarify all the new information trying to remember what was interesting or surprising for me. This process of organizing the reading process helps me to work with texts in the maximum effective manner.

Arranging my writing process has its specific features as well starting from thinking over the plan and details of the text I will write. After that, I make a draft of document which helps me to write a more flowing complete text later. Finally, I finish with correcting my mistakes and adding or excluding new information if needed which makes me feel completely satisfied. Speaking process can be rightfully considered the most complex one and it always depends on the topic even more than reading or writing. Speaking is extremely responsible for me because other people are involved in a real-time and it is more difficult to correct own mistake quickly when speaking. Therefore, I try to be maximally attentive when expressing my thoughts verbally trying to think over all the information before starting to speak. Organization of all the three processes including reading, writing and speaking require from me certain specific measures of preparation varying among themselves.

Preparing specific environment for each thing I do has a special meaning to me. It always helps me to accomplish various tasks better when I organize my working place properly. Reading is a calm and measured process for me that is why my place for doing it should be comfortable as I will probably spend more than few minutes there. I like to read on my favorite sofa as it is very cozy and has a comfortable location by the window. A place for writing is accommodated to my needs as well and is presented by a large desk having enough space for the tools, I need to place on it. I have various light sources by my desk which make my writing process very convenient at any time of day. In my opinion, a perfect place for speaking always depends on the goal of talk and should be accommodated according to it. I like to spend private talks in cozy places with not many people around. If I give a public lecture, I feel comfortable in a very minimal speaking halls of average sizes with enough light and comfortable furniture. In my opinion, preparing specific environment is an indispensable part of harmonious working process organization for any occasion.

My strength in reading is a skill of doing it fast, while the other side of this process is that I become less patient when hurrying. In writing I have a strength of using large number of diverse synonyms in combination with a weakness that sometimes hinders me to stop writing. Unfortunately, not finish my work at the right moment sometimes leads to decreasing the quality of my papers. My strength in speaking is that I like to do it and have experience of making good impression on my interlocutors or audience. The weakness of mine is being nervous when speaking about topics of great importance for me, however I constantly strive to improve my skills. I set myself a goal of reading less material, but not to hurry while doing it in order to improve reading skill. A similar thing concerns my writing process where I plan my work very patiently before starting to do it and try not to exceed the amount of work planned initially. I also strive to think over all the topics I will probably speak about which can be too touching for me in order to avoid hesitation. I try to find what makes me nervous and think deeply about the found aspect which helps me to become more confident.

Reading, writing and speaking are essential skills for the life of every person requiring constant improvements. Specific preparations including thinking over all the task before doing it and writing a plan of work are the indispensable elements of my strategies. The environment is also very important for me that is why I devote much attention to making the space comfortable. The last important aspect of my reading, writing and speaking processes are constant improvement of my skills. I permanently look for the weaknesses in my skills and invent specific plan for each case helping me to turn them into strengths.

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