Artificial Intelligence And Advanced Technology

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Have you ever used Siri or heard about the release of self-driving cars such as Tesla? These are just a few ways A.I or artificial intelligence has integrated itself into our everyday lives. In contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans A.I mimics this intelligence by configuring algorithms and stored information allowing it to create a propensity model, propensity models help the A.I make suggestions and predictions. There are four main types of artificial intelligence known as reactive machines, limited memory, the theory of mind, and self-awareness.

As different forms of A.I develop, the awareness of the rapidly increasing rate of artificial intelligence progression is important for our community to be prepared for.

Reactive Machines

As referenced in the name of the machine, a reactive machine can only respond to situations. Although these machines have storage capabilities they can not make predictions based on past experiences, it is also enabled to save memories. A famous form of this machine is the “Deep Blue IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer”.

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This machine was capable of choosing the best move out of the available possibilities and could predict its opponent’s future moves. With this machine only capable of performing tasks it was programmed to do it poses little to no threat to society.

Limited Memory

Unlike reactive machines, limited memory builds data based on what it has learned from past experiences. Tesla released an autopilot technology car and shortly after also released cars equipped with autonomous driving technology, this is an example of limited memory technology.

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The autonomous driving technology uses pre-programmed and observational knowledge to gauge its navigation and adjust when necessary with little to no human input. Some of the observational knowledge it can intake for precaution representations include moving pedestrians, traffic lights, and road markings. As Elon Musk mentioned once, ‘You shouldn’t do things differently just because they’re different. They need to be… better.’ with this type of equipped technology developing more efficiently by the day is this the way to better and safer driving?

Siri. As the Apple user community grows so does Siri. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant within all Apple technology products such as computers or cell phones. This is another example of how we use Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives. Siri can help with multiple things such as navigation or general questions, just like the Tesla autonomous driving technology Siri also learns from experience. For example, if you set an alarm for the same time everyday Siri will soon over time suggest setting this alarm daily. These suggestions often are useful to those with a busy schedule or simply forget to reset these essential things for an efficient daily routine. Although, many of these forms of robotics we develop are helpful and benefit our daily lives where do we draw the ethical line for the development of theses robots? Will further development of Artificial Intelligence eventually pose a threat to society?

Theory of Mind

The Theory of Mind is a decision making form of robotics. This form of artificial intelligence not only makes decisions for itself but it can interact socially by reading one’s behavior and make decisions based on those emotions. The like Sophia the humanoibot created by Hanson Robotics would have to learn from scratch on how to interact with humans respectfully. Thus, meaning they would have to learn from their experiences and calculate the correct responses to the situation according to the behaviors reflected by the current human interaction. It is predicted that this type of technology could integrate itself into caregiving positions for emotional stability roles for the mentally ill or elderly. To some, this is in close relation to human intelligence, in fact recently in 2017 the very first robot known as Sophia received citizenship in Saudi Arabia. As a shock, to most people, Sophia’s gain of citizenship is an example of how fast our artificial intelligence technology is progressing.


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