Argumentative text about education at home Essay

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Argumentative text about education at home

Education means school, classrooms and annoying teachers- for me. But it does not mean this any more. There is an increasing number of parents now who teaches their children at home.

Education at home has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that children can study flexible. Their parents can give them a different timetable every day to make studying more interesting. Secondly the children won’t be affected by criminal classmates and wouldn’t learn bad things.

But there are disadvantages too. First of all, children could finally feel lonely if they study at home every day. At school, they would study together and have fun in the break with other students. That’s an easy way for children to find friends. However, studying at home with their parents, children may hard find a friend.

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Secondly, children might find it difficult to work with others, because they’re used to study or work alone. But sometimes you have to work with colleagues as a group in your job. But if you have problems with team members, you could lose your job.

Finally, children could be worse in their study, comparing with children who have classes at school. Their parents can not give a guarantee, the quality of education of their children. Sure, there are many people who graduated from university but that does not mean that they are good teachers. In addition, parents also have to focus on their work, which means they can’t spend all day with the education of their children.

In conclusion, children can learn more and have a lot of friends when they go to school. Furthermore, children can also easily deal with a team work. Therefor parents shouldn’t assume a huge responsibility to teach their children at home.

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