Are we True Muslims of Allah Essay

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Are we True Muslims of Allah

Today I am going to discuss whether we are true servants of Allah. Many of us say that we are Allah’s servants but do are actions really confirm it. There are three ways in which we can check if we really are the true servants of Allah. First we must know that he is our master and we are his slaves and we are entirely devoted to him. Secondly, we should only do those actions which will earn his pleasure and stay from the actions which will make him angry. Third, we must know that all our possessions belong to Allah and therefore we should us it as he has commended. Coming back to the first point that we are his slaves and he is our master we must realize that as his slaves we must always submit 100% to the will of Allah. There is a story recorded in history in which a very well mannered and understanding slave saw that his master was very worried. The slave asked his master why he was so sad. The master responded that he had a high debt but no money to pay them off.

The slaves suggested that he should be sold in the market and use the money pay off the debts. The master refused because his debts were so high that even if he were to sell the slave it would not be enough to cover his debts. So the slave said to set the price at the amount of the debts and if anyone asks questions regarding the high price then to just tell them that this slave knows the rules relating to servitude and being a slave very well. So the master went to the market and was trying to sell the slave at the price that his debts were. When people saw the price of the slave they just laughed and who can really blame them. I mean who would want to buy a slave that’s really expensive when you can get one that s 10 times cheaper. After a little while a man came and asked the reason for the high selling price.

To this the master responded that this slave knows the rules to servitude very well. The man decided to purchase him on the condition that if this was not true he would want a refund for the slave. Now the new master took the slave home and in order to see if this slave really knew the rules to servitude was true or not, the new master gave an order to whip this poor slave. In response to the torture, the slave did not cry or scream – nor did he even ask the reason for the beatings! After some time, the man asked the slave, Do you not feel any pain? and If you do, then why don’t you say anything. To this the slave said, I am the slave and you are the master and it is not appropriate that a slave questions his master – rather, he should agree 100% with whatever his master commands. If you grant me some blessings then I will submit to you and if you punish me, still I will submit to you.

Now although in this story the whipping is completely not justified its shows that we must all be like this poor slave. Like the slave said when he was getting whipped if you grant me blessings then I will submit to you and if you punish me I will still submit to you. For us this means that if something good happens in our life than we should thank Allah and if something bad happens to us or to those that we love then we should not blame Allah. We must accept that Allah knows best and keep on thanking him for what good he has brought in our lives and be patience with any hardship that we face.

One who does not understand the secret behind being the slave of Allah would fall into the quranic verse of Sura Marij ayats 19-21 which mean

Surely man is created of hasty temperament

Being greatly grieved when evil afflicts him

And stingy when good befalls him

These ayahs basically just mean that when something good happens we thank Allah but when something bad happens we get upset at Allah.

Also in the quran in sura sad ayats 82-83 shaytan is telling Allah

Then by Your Might, I will certainly make them all live an evil life, except Your servants from amongst them, the ones whom You have purified (of sin)..

Now if were not counted as the servants of Allah then unfortunately we are in shaytans side. And like the ayah said that the ones who are not the servants of Allah will live an evil life.

The second point is that we must remember that Allah can be both angry and pleased with us. Therefore, we must always be careful to do only those acts which will gain the pleasure of Allah and stay away from those things which will anger him.

Ayatollah Khomeini used to emphasize the fact that there is no such thing as a minor sin – rather all sins are major – of course they are on different levels. However, one must keep

In mind that we are displeasing and sinning against him, not that we feel that a certain sin is unimportant or small. Any kind of sin will displease Allah and therefore will displease the prophet and the imams.

In a narration we read that Allah has said, Do not think that if you do 1 sin its no big deal because it may be for that 1 sin that Allah removes his protection on you. And also do not think that if you do a good dead it’s also not really a big deal because that one good dead may be the dead that makes Allah protect you.

The third point to remember as part of being true servants to Allah is that we must realize everything belongs to Allah, whether it is our wealth, children, intellect or anything else. If one accepts this fact, then it is very easy for us to give our time, wealth, or anything else for the cause of Allah.

As an example, if someone gives you one hundred dollars to distribute among the poor, we would see how easy it is for us to give out this wealth since the money was not ours. If we think about it whatever money we have is not really ours. rather, it is a trust that Allah has given to us that must be spent in His way how He has commanded it to be used. We must realize that everything we have is from Allah.

Therefore, in conclusion, in order to be considered as true servants of Allah, we must be very careful of the three things

1. We must know and remember at all times that we are His slaves and He is our Master, and so we must submit entirely to Him.

2. We must perform only those acts which will earn His pleasure and stay from those things that will make him angry.

3. And finally we must know that whatever we have is really His property and it should be spent or used as He has commanded us.

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