Challenges in India's Progress: Leadership and Reforms

Are we really progressing ? India unfortunately is lacking leaders. There was a time when we had real heroes those who fought selflessly for our freedom and sacrificed their lives. Now a days 'leaders' are replaced by diplomats and politicians , who are hardly concerned with the development or progress of our country ? They are not at all bothered by the grievances of common man. 40 percent population is living below poverty line but the rich are getting richer. The difference is growing between rich and the poor with a great speed.

They have tall claims that India has developed a lot but the truth is that we have lost our grip on many significant fronts? With this type of ineffective leadership India will lead nowhere. We Indians copy the Western culture on silly counts like fashion , openness and homosexuality but unfortunately we do not follow the British way of tackling the awful mess . The journalism their is admirable. They do not hesitate or fear in criticizing, exposing or taking names of their politicians.

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Their efforts are determined and meticulous in contrast to our media where they are reluctant to question or expose their colleagues , as it happened in Radia's case. Worst part is when our media dares to question the PM , he is either unavailable or protected by his advisers, unlike Cameron who made himself available to face all the criticism in west . Majority of countries are victim of terrorism but the selfish politicians of India have developed the habit of consoling themselves and fooling the general lot by saying - "Spirit of Mumbai" .

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Rest of the world have learnt their lessons from terror attack and have improved their law and order except India where our leaders have mastered the art of making tall claims and sympathizing with the victims for a brief period. Mumbaikars are living in fear of bomb attacks for past two decades but our government seems reluctant to take any effective measure. There is no improvement in the facilities at a grass root level even . The current political dissonance and institutional attitude do not inspire confidence.

Indian media needs to stop sensationalizing everything and should cover issues with sincerity and due diligence . It should be a strong corruption free crusader against injustice. India is not keeping pace with its development needs? We need to delink politics from reform processes and improve our regulatory framework to reach our global leadership goals. We must not tie ourselves with allies which adversely affects our autonomy. We need to be more strategic in developing relationship with neighboring countries. Government needs to confer 'infrastructure' status on all fronts ?

Brain drain should be checked and measures should be taken for reverse brain drain . We need to look into the reasons for people reluctant to serve their own country . The lack of innovation and quality research and development is putting our country at lower graph. Growth in jobs are needed . There should be major expansion in all spheres , be it health , education , science or security . Our products are not making any remarkable impact in global market . For our country to progress we need to have thoughtful leaders who do not ignore the demands of one billion population and resonate well with the common lot.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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