Archetypal Analysis of Snow White Essay

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Archetypal Analysis of Snow White

1. Separation:

• The Queen dislikes Snow White because the mirror states that she is the most beautiful in all the land. • The Queen summons a hunter and orders him to take Snow White into the forest to kill her. • The hunter, who functions as the guide figure, finds Snow White beautiful, so he spares her from being killed. • Snow White, separated from her social realm, is deserted and left alone in the forest. • The Dwarfs, who are also guide figures, provide Snow White with shelter and nourishment while she is in the sacred or supernatural realm.

2. Struggle or initiation:

• Snow White learns how to keep the Dwarfs’ house neat and tidy. • The evil Queen tempts Snow White three times: once with the bodice laces, then with the hair comb, and finally with the poisoned apple. • After failing the first two tests, Snow White is successfully brought back to life by the Dwarfs. • After Snow White fails the final test, the Dwarfs are unable to bring her back to life. • Snow White is placed in a glass coffin where she remains for a long period. This represents a time of inner growth. • A young Prince sees Snow White, falls in love with her, and brings her to his castle. • The Prince, who is representative of the goddess figure, is Snow White’s soul mate and bestows unconditional love upon her. 3. Return or reintegration with gift or new power:

• Snow White awakens and comes back to life after the poisoned apple is disgorged. • This represents her rebirth and symbolizes her reintegration with society. • Snow White has learned that she must not trust everyone, as the world contains both good and evil people. • Through her experience, Snow White reaches maturity and is ready for marriage.

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