Application for a Space to Study MBA Program

I hereby write this letter to show my interest to apply for a space to study MBA Business Program offered at The University of Chicago which starts in February 2020. I graduated from Alytaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania in 2017 as one of the best international students in the Business Management program. After graduation in June 2017, I took a job as a customer service, and later advanced to the level of an advisory in a business consultancy in Warsaw, Poland but as a prospective entrepreneur, I wish to develop my knowledge of a business creation, managerial, team player and proper decision-making, also to acquire more effective skills for digital and new business innovations with business strategies that lead to success in the current global innovative and digital atmosphere.

My focus to study MBA program is to learn and acquire effective innovation and digital skills for the creation of new businesses and guides on how to properly manage the existing ones both locally and international with creativity.

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Considering the opportunities ahead, I came to realize that an MBA International Business is the most suitable for my achieve my dreams and goals hence I am much motivated to pursue it. My professional goal is to become a successful and one of the leading entrepreneurs and business consultants across the globe because I strongly value the modern globalization process hence I always wanted a career in entrepreneurship and consultant.

Based on my business management qualification from Lithuania, previous Three months internship in a Logistics company in Poland, coupled with the present working experience, I consider an MBA Business Program to be ideal and highly beneficial to accomplish my career and professional goals.

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During this study program, I am dedicated to learning how to develop innovative theories, ideas and concepts amidst proper organizational administration and management and to become a specialist in solution consultant to awake existing businesses undergoing crisis by speedily identifying problems and implementing lasting solutions within limited time limits.

I intend to undergo a study experience in MBA program to acquire knowledge that will bring me a more strong sense of achievement and in turn creating more opportunities for myself and the modern world at large by comprehensive training in new and modern business supporting information technologies and multi-media tools, strategic business model concepts and dynamics, empowers me to swiftly recognize interdisciplinary links and essential business courses oriented on computer skill and ICT usage. I believe my qualification would be an excellent fit to undergo this course.

I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Oluwaseye Oladipupo Omojuwa

Updated: Dec 01, 2021
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