Application And Principles For Encryption Computer Science Essay

Nowadays where much of concern, intelligence, formal, informal and private information and fiscal minutess are processed and carried out over the Internet, information encoding is really of import sing computing machine security. HTTP, electronic mail, FTP, and Microsoft Windows file-sharing can be accessed easy by cyberspace hacker or web sniffer ( John Mallery, Jason Zann, Patrick Kelly, Wesley Noonan, Eric seagren, Paul Love, Rob Kraft, and Mark O’Neill, P. 258 ) .

As Jan L. Harrington states “ Encryption is the best technique for guaranting the privateness of a message ” .

Harmonizing to Barry Dorrans “ ASP.NET introduced a model such as Authentication and Authorization utilizing informations encoding to find the individuality of authorized user and prevents unauthorised user to entree the content ” . Data encoding defines a mathematical computations and algorithmic strategies which convert plaintext into cyphertext which is non-readable to unauthorised parties.

Application for encoding

Presents in all electronic communicating there are a figure of participants involved such as transmitter, receiving system, bearers ‘ service supplier etc.

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Data Encryption prevents hackers from listening in on private communications. Even if anyone success to capture the message, they can merely see scrambled text because of encoding ( SpamLaws. No day of the month ) .

Encryption provides Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) which enables secure communications and user hallmark over unfastened and unbarred Internet such as fiscal dealing. Nowadays an international radio security criterion called Wi-Fi

Protected Access ( WPA2 ) is being used to code informations transportation over wireless webs.

Digital telecasting provides manage their subscriber entree by coding picture and audio signals ( Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 2006 ) .

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Encoding is besides really indispensable for national security of any state. Military communications use informations encoding so that terrorists and anti societal elements can non tapped message.

Principles of Encoding

Encoding ever requires a cardinal which determines the end product of the algorithm. This key is normally piece of information, used as a parametric quantity in encoding algorithm. Encryption schemes come in two classs: symmetric and asymmetric ( Barry Dorrans, P.124 ) .

Symmetrical Encryption besides known as single-key encoding is a type of encoding where a secret key is being shared to code and decode information. A secret key can be a word, a character, or merely a twine of random letters. The transmitter and receiver both should cognize the secret key in order to recover or direct information. Popular symmetric-key encoding algorithms are Blowfish, RC2, RC4, AES, and IDEA etc. Most of these operations are based on replacing and scrambling which means some bytes is replaced with other bytes harmonizing to algorithm regulations ( Encryption and Decryption, no day of the month ) . The.NET model provides assorted symmetric algorithms that portion a common characteristic – they are all block cyphers which encrypts informations by interrupting it down into blocks ( normally 64 spots ) .

As Barry Dorrans states “ Asymmetric Encryption was developed to extinguish the sharing of cardinal between transmitter and receiving system. Asymmetric Encryption usage two keys – 1 for coding ( known as the public key ) and one for decoding ( known as the private key ) ” . In.NET model, there is a ‘RSACryptoServiceProvider ‘ category which supports this type of encoding. The cardinal size of this category is 1024 spots. When a user wants to send on a file, they merely encrypt the information adding receiver ‘s public key. Once the receiver receives the file they retrieve the information by utilizing the private key ( Larryjf, 2004 ) . Asymmetrical Encryption works with digital signatures which allows receiver to formalize the entrance informations beginning.

Comparison between

Symmetrical encoding and Asymmetric encoding

Symmetrical encoding is really efficient algorithm in hardware and package execution where Asymmetric encoding is on the order of 100-1000 times slower than symmetric encoding.

The shared key must be exchanged firmly between each brace of pass oning entities in symmetric encoding. Knowledge of the public key of an entity is sufficient to pass on firmly in asymmetric encoding.

In asymmetric encoding each entity needs to protect the secretiveness of its ain private key where the secretiveness of the key must be protected in symmetric encoding as each key is being shared at both entities ( Christos Douligeris, Dimitrios N. Serpanos, and 2007 P.472 ) .


Symmetrical encoding and Asymmetric encoding

To maximise the advantage of both types of encoding strategy is to make a random symmetric key which will code the information. Then it will code the cardinal unsymmetrically. After that it can be added to the encrypted message. After the receiving system receives the key, decrypts it utilizing the private key, and so uses it to decode the message. This type of encoding is known as intercrossed encoding. There are many protocols that uses intercrossed mode by uniting asymmetric and symmetric algorithms. Such as IPSec which provides unity, privateness services for informations diagram and web hallmark ( Peter Thorsteinson, G. Gnana Arun Ganesh, P.107 ) .


Due to internet ‘s unfastened nature and the hazard of web surfboarding, using informations encoding to the communicating medium such as instant messaging and emailing is going really popular presents. Without this encoding mechanism, anyone can easy capture and see the information, being transferred over the cyberspace. Especially data encoding is good deserving prosecuting when sing offenses like individuality larceny are on the rise.

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