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Animal testing perhaps is one of the most contentious issues of modern science. Researchers try out on them for various purposes, including the fundamental study on the functioning of organisms, the establishment of potential methods for treating human diseases, as well as testing for the safety and quality of drugs, devices and other objects. Supporters of animal tests point to a huge progress in medicine. Antagonists consider them cruel and meaningless because the consequences of observations are not always suitable for humans.

In the world, more than 150 million experimental animals die per year. The main part is used in medical sphere when probation pills and new ways of treatment. It is accounted for 26% of all probations on solid fields like military or space activity. 8% of animals are killed in tests for toxicity in the development of cosmetics, industrial compounds, etc. In student trials, 1% of all laboratory creatures perish. Is there an option to such procedures?

We entered the third millennium. Spiritual progress requires that all obstacles to civilized development are associated with cruelty to nature be eliminated.

85% of animal experiments spent over the past 100 years with the goal of medical evolution fall between 1950 and the present time. However, an average duration of human life during this period has practically not changed.

The fact is that testing of drugs on pets is ineffective because of anatomical and physiological differences between the latter and individuals. For instance, it is known that morphine soothes a person, but excites cats. Aspirin is toxic to dogs while penicillin is dangerous to guinea pigs.

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Moreover, up-to-grade medicine has up to 150 drugs that have been tested on animals and proved to be dangerous to personalities. Besides, trials on the tiniest creatures require huge financial costs. At the same time, this money could successfully be spent on an advertising campaign for a healthy lifestyle.

To date, a number of centers have been established in the world to develop alternatives to similar practices. They use single-celled organisms, bacteria, physicochemical methods, cell cultures, and computer models. One more promising way is naturopathy eliminates a need for testing an endless string of medicines that destroy the body’s defenses and offers its own approach to health improvement.

Thus, a human with own ingenuity could long ago reduce the requirement to use animals without harming his/her health and well-being. People’s diseases should be viewed from a common perspective. The study of genuine reasons is more useful and promising that more and more trials on defenseless pets. Numerous investigations of patients in clinics and healthy persons showed an influence of lifestyle on the origin and course of various illnesses. It was clearly demonstrated that maladies of our civilization are caused mainly by smoking, alcohol abuse, fatty and rich in meat products, stress, insufficient physical exertion, and other factors. So, in order to study such important elements, no animal should suffer and die.

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