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Analysis of "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (652 words)
Categories: Book Review, Dream, Novels, The Alchemist
Downloads: 46
Views: 158

Distributed in 1988, The Alchemists was viewed as one of Paulo Coelho\’s best works. The account follows the tale of a shepherd kid named Santiago. He chooses to go in the wake of having a repetitive dream about a fortune situated as the foot of the pyramids in Egypt. What\’s more, in his excursion he meets different characters and conditions that advise him to follow his legend which is a dream or an objective that he had for the longest time been itching to seek after.

Inside the plot topics which are regularly exemplified by the characters just as occasions in the novel. Most remarkable subjects incorporate individual legend, dread, and the unity of the universe – all of which add to the improvement of the story.

One of the primary and maybe, the most intriguing topics of the book is close to home legend. In the book, the writer discusses the idea of individual legend which is a fantasy or an individual objective that should be satisfied all together for an individual to carry on with a fantastic and full life.

The creator comparatively proposes that the interest to satisfy an individual legend is essential and maybe the thing that life expects of us. The character of Melchizedek discloses this idea to Santiago: \”Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do when you truly need something, this is because that craving started in the spirit of the universe. It\’s your crucial earth\” . The possibility of individual legend, in the long run, moved the hero to satisfy the bothering want to find that treasure underneath the pyramids. From that point, the principle character sets on an excursion not exclusively to the pyramids of Egypt yet an excursion that will lead him to a profound disclosure. This essentially implies that satisfying an individual legend is the existence reason for a person which is to understand their fantasy or objective.

Much like the individual legend, the idea of dread is likewise a significant subject and component utilized by the writer in the book. All through the excursion, the peruser sees Santiago experiencing various impediments. These deterrents in any case, basically originate from his feelings of dread. A portion of the concerns he has at the forefront of his thoughts incorporate the dread of losing riches and security by joining the desert convoy, the dread of kicking the bucket in a fight, and the dread of falling flat. Even though dread is nevertheless regular among people, both the Alchemist and Melchizedek denounce this. For them, dread will become unimportant on the off chance that one is loyally satisfying his legend. Like Santiago, dread is epitomized in the character of the gem vendor who needs to make a journey to Mecca. In any case, he permits dread to control his life since he accepts that once he made the excursion to Mecca, he will have nothing to live for. Accordingly, the dealer carries on an extremely dismal and terrible life.

Unity and solidarity are additionally two significant ideas in the book. What\’s more, this is spoken to by \”The Soul of the World\” which is a power that ties everything known to man. This thought is evident in how Santiago is approached to speak with nature which is, as per the novel, the regular language of the world. The hero, in the long run, requests the assistance of the breeze, desert, and the sun to transform him into a breeze. The idea of the unity of everything is one of the central messages of the book.

Because of the focus given, it tends to be presumed that Paulo Coelho\’s The Alchemist spins around three significant subjects. This incorporates individual legend, dread, and unity of the universe. These topics are the core of the book as it builds up the character of the hero while simultaneously building up the whole plot of the story.

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