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An Investigation into the new portable car jack

A Comparative Investigation into the new portable Car Jack (Quick Jack) versus Mechanical Car jack in Auto Racing in South Africa, in the 21st century.


The hydraulic jack is said to be a lifting device. It lifts the car off the ground, so as to be fixed. Dictionary (2019). This jack is mostly used in Automotive Industry for lifting cars in order to be fixed. A lot of tools in the construction Industry use hydraulic jacks to finish tasks. They operate under Pascal’s Principle.

Basically applying in a certain way with the application of pressure in another way. Jay(2017).

The first person who Invented hydraulic jack is Richard Dudgeon whose business started in New York as a Machine shop. On 8 July 1851, the inventor and also a founder was granted a patent for “portable hydraulic press”. This jack is proved to be more powerful and easy to work with as compared to screw jacks at that time. Mckinney (2015). He invented hydraulic jack because he noticed the need for a powerful lifting device.

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Before he invented hydraulic jack heavy objects were lifted using unsuitable screw jacks. The invented hydraulic jack used water or other fluids which were stored in a reservoir and the reservoir was in the devices head to work. Who Invented Hydraulic Jacks?(2014).

Pascal’s Principle precisely be tells how a hydraulic jack works. It says that when a force enforced to a surrounded fluid, it is delivered in every part of the fluid. Wherewithal fluid must not be pressed tightly together.

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The cylinder is filled when the jack’s pump is put into motion whereby it applies pressure on the hydraulic fluid. The machine part is totally packed while the transport route is in motion, the stop gap fully surrounds the flowing substance and stress is formed inside the machine part. The stress dodges out: stress applies a force upwards on the device thus letting out force.

The transport route primarily plugs a tiny effort on the flowing substance repeatedly till the flowing substance has full stress to apply a force up on the device, and lifts anything that requires to be lifted. Meaning that the hydraulic device can apply huge efforts with a supply transport route. Though all hydraulic devices must be managed so that the stress inward the machine part, is not freed by structural failure in the time the device is in use. To free the stress of the device, the stop gap clearly gives out so that the hydraulic flowing substance streams out of the device’s machine part. David (2017).

  • Mechanical car jack (Scissor Jack)
  • Quick access jack

The principle distinction between these jacks is that, when you are utilizing a scissor jack you need to ensure that the vehicle is prepared. Set up the floor jack and ensure that it remains set up. Take out the main haggle back to the floor jack and expel the stands. Ensuring the vehicle is brought down securely. Rehash this multiple times in the event that you need to fix each of the four wheels. Smith (2019). Though with Quick access jack you can simply lift the entire vehicle and work in each of the four wheels. Why did we invent a new portable car jack?(2016).

Brisk jack was structured on the grounds that racers become weary of hitting the dance floor with floor jacks and jack remains after each race. Brisk Jack’s builders and designers made this jack since they need drivers to get under their vehicles securely.

An average help group’s obligation for the end of the week is strenuous and tedious. At the point when it’s training interval. Initially the vehicle should be adjusted. Grab floor jack assemble, platform in place and wheels off, then finally to the floor jack, take out the platform and obviously, see the vehicle securely brought down. You need to rehash this procedure in every one of the four wheels.

Speedy Jack wipes out such bowing, squatting, siphoning, wrenching, perspiring and reiteration. Your wheels will be off before different crowd have their vehicles observable all around.

Speedy Jack likewise put debilitated individuals in favorable position. The push base in Speedy Jack has made it simpler for other individuals to get to DIY vehicle work. Fast Jack doesn’t switch how you work, nevertheless it causes the exercise to be significantly easier.

So why Fast Jack? To be straightforward car jacks and jack platforms will trully be around in light of the fact that they are little, compact and by and large solid when utilized with a jack stand, yet they tend to come up short. Speedy Jack’s don’t have vehicle lift failure.

Why did we design another compact vehicle jack?(2016).

Wellbeing safety measures for  Quick access jack

Wellbeing precautionary measures for scissor jack

  • Use it for just its planned. Get a long way from traffic as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • Just authorized individuals should utilize this item. Set your leaving control to hold the vehicle from moving back.
  • At the point when the gadget is in task, hold all body parts from it. Smother your wheels a contrasting way from where you are working the scissor jack.
  • Try not to roll out any improvements to the plan. Get your jack supports(stands) and watch them to make sure they are reasonable for activity.
  • Never overextend the deliberate amount of the gadget. Search for faults on your jack
  • Hold the hand worked near the gadget consistently. Take a stab at raising and promoting down the gadget a couple of times without the weight, inorder for the smooth task.
  • Ensure that the floor isn’t elusive, level, and have crushing intensity of 500 PSL. On the off chance that the gadget is skittish and hardened sprinkle silicone oil to loosen it up.
  • Abstain operating extension cord.
  • Experiencing issues in finding the guide on the most proficient method to utilize the gadget, google it on the web
  • Mention optical objective fact of the gadget before working it. Abstain from dealing with a grimy spot and guarantee the ground has no litter.
  • Mention point by point objective fact of the gadget at any rate once per year. Abstain from setting your hooks between the seat and the machine. Instructive assets for all vehicle(n.d).
  • Points of interest of a Mechanical vehicle jack(scissor jack) Advantages of Quick access jack
  • They have a significant reduced impression, which makes them to be basically moveable. They redeem(save) money.
  • They are generally conservative enough to fit in your stalk(trunk). They redeem time.
  • They are almost weightless.
  • They are safe to operate
  • They are effortless to transport.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks: Advantages and Disadvantages (n.d)

  • They are dependable than mechanical car jack (scissor jack)
  • They are effortless to operate.

Why did we invent a new portable car jack? (2016)

Detriments of Mechanical vehicle jack(scissor jack) Burdens of Quick access jack

Individuals from this structure must be made contrastingly to a high evaluation of exactness, which grows the long haul producing measure of the structure. Tires are the first. There are two tires at each lift outline, yet all are minimal and solid plastic. Accordingly, it’s hard to quicken the casing around explicitly without your caution, one of the tires can be caught on a little shake , prompting hurt.

Gigantic degree upkeep is required and consequently the support sum is expanded. This model isn’t made a correct path for conveying and holding firmly. On the off chance that you are not cautious enough it could press your fingers. Indeed, even your toes can likewise be in threat when it drops. Walden (2018)

Mechanical resistance(friction) in a scissor jack makes it to require a ton of oiling. Further assurance against rust and erosion is required. Smith (2019)

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