Entire Car Hire Announces Easy Way To Compare Car Rental

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Worldwide Web, 3-FEB-2011: Chris Fryer of Entire Car Hire announced the launch of , a great new site that will give anyone the ability to compare car hire worldwide and instantly book cars in over 17,000 locations. Everything that a person needs to have the car they want at their destination when they travel is available in a single location. A person needing car hire Luxembourg, car hire Netherlands, car hire Norway, car hire Sweden, car hire United Kingdom and car hire New Zealand, will find that they are able to book their car quickly and easily.

When interviewed recently, Chris stated, “As a world traveler, I have been through the pain and discomfort associated with the inability to get a car immediately upon my arrival at a location. For many people, have a car at the ready when they are on holiday is a key factor to the amount of fun, activities and events that they will be able to enjoy. I have made it my focus to provide individuals who are traveling with a comprehensive car hire site which compares over 550 suppliers throughout over 135 countries and 17,000 different locations.

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No matter where you are planning to holiday, you can be assured that the car you select will be waiting for you upon your arrival.”
Among the many benefits offered at the website are a system that compares real time prices direct from over 515 different suppliers; Instant booking confirmations; Access to cars in over 135 countries worldwide; and, excellent 24-hour customer support. If a visitor to the site has a question, they can get their questions or concerns addressed immediately by the knowledgeable staff who are focused on assuring that your car hire goes smoothly.

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This new car rental comparison site really does attempt to make the whole process of booking worldwide car hire as easy as possible and gives you real value for money by truly comparing prices from most of the biggest names in car hire such as Budget, Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Alamo.
Apart from saving your money, they’ll give you information on all the countries and locations listed on its web pages. This sort of information can be very helpful when planning your holiday.
Then there are also things like places to visit section, driving regulations section and the opportunity to create your own unique driving route. The ability to create your own driving route is an especially nice touch, imagine being able to create a route which doesn’t simply take you along all of those boring major highways which always look the same, instead imagine driving along a beautiful coastal road or even a driving route which will take you to many interesting places on the way to your final holiday destination. In fact, you could almost tailor your whole holiday around your hire car.
When you actually go through the booking process you’ll be shown all relevant information about all cars such as luggage space, number of passengers and insurance coverage as well as many minor details such as gearbox type and whether the car has air conditioning or not.
All of this is backed up with excellent after sales service, allowing you to change any booking details and also ensuring that you receive all required details immediately after booking.
To get details about the great features and benefits offered by the team at Entire Car Hire when you want to compare car hire worldwide, visit today. Individuals wishing to get more information about this article will find contact information below.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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