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Portable Charger Watch

Short description:

The product that I have chosen is a portable charger watch that can be easily access when needed and will be convenient to bring around without the trouble of carrying an additional object. It will be designed as a chunky and bulky looking as it will contain two different batteries for the watch to operate. One of the battery will be for the watch to operate itself and the other one will be the main component for this portable charger watch to work, therefore providing dual functions.

The problem faced with this product design is that not everybody favour bulky watches as some prefer small and dainty looking ones as a fashion statement piece. Some often wear the watch for the looks of it and not for its functions as they often refer the time on their mobile phones.

Point of view:

For consumers who uses their mobile devices extensively needs to have an easier accessibility to be able to charge their devices as and when its needed and together with this product, it will enable them to do so.

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Five ideas using random stimuli with sketches:

For the first idea, it is catering to those who normally already wear watches and would prefer to have something new in a new brand of watch, therefore by doing so the watch could have a detecting system where it could send signals when ones body temperature is rising. This will enable people to be more attentive towards their health but also causing the device to contain more components.

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Since being sick is not an everyday thing, it is not necessary.

For the second idea, the watch can be charged by using solar energy which can help in reducing the electricity consumed and do not have to be scared about the battery running out during day to day basis. But the cons of this idea is that if we are using solar energy, which will require to stay under the sun for an amount of time to fully charge it, hence causing the battery for the portable charger and the watch to overheat and might end up damaging it. Therefore, it is not very recommended for safety reasons.

For the third idea, the watch band can be designed as silicon slap snap bracelet to cater children. However, adults might not approve to this idea as they do not want their child to constantly use their mobile devices knowing that they can have easy access to charge their devices as and when they want to. This will then increase the cost of production and will affect the total sales revenue at the end of the day.

For the forth idea, knowing that people are so addicted to using their mobile devices so frequently which will hence require the need to charge their devices in the middle of the day in order to survive till the end of the day. We can make sure that the battery capacity that store in the watch can be used with the battery that allow the watch to operate. This will ensure that the consumers will have more battery capacity to use. However there are also cons to this idea as once both the battery is completely used up, it will not be able to provide the basic function of a watch.

For the fifth idea which I have chosen and find it most suitable is that the watch strap will be specially designed in order to store cable either for android users or IOS users. This will not only save the trouble for them by not only providing the portable charger in the watch but also a cable that is convenient to bring around. Therefore, with the ability to enable people to charge their devices and also providing the ability to tell time makes it convenient for the people who usually prefer not carry around so many things.

Viability of the business:

  • Key Partners
  • Promoters:
    • Best Denki,
    • Challenger,
    • Harvey Norman
  • Watch brands:
    • G-Shock,
    • Daniel Wellington
  • Manufacturers
  • Key Activities
  • Producer
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Consumer

Value Proposition

To make sure that our product will be worth the money and guarantee them that their devices can last through the day. Customer relationship

Allow customer to personalised their watch by providing free engraving service. Customer Segments

This product is cater to watch collectors as well as to those who prefer not to carry heavy objects as portable charger could be quite heavy.

Key Resource

  • Compact batteries
  • Phone cables Channels
  • Social media platforms,
  • etc YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • Cost Structure
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Labour Revenue Streams

Sales of watches

In order to make sure that my product will be a long term product in the market, I will have to make sure that I have partnerships from different cooperation that are willing to invest in my inventions. To make sure that my inventions will cater to the consumers needs and wants, I will suggest to have surveys taken to receive different opinions and suggestions to understand what else can be done to improve the design of the watch. Other than knowing what my consumers wants in a portable charger watch, I will also need to know how to reach out my products to them in a way of advertising it. In this case I will need the help of social media platforms to advertise, etc Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where most age groups are using right now which will hence easily catch their attention. Some people will be interested to buy the product if they saw their idol or people they looked up to like influencers promoting it, this will also definitely help to make sure that the product is actively selling in the market.

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