An Interview With Ivo Radjagukguk About the Nursing Profession

Ivo Radjagukguk has been a RN for 5 years. She graduated with a BSN from Loma Linda University in California. Ivo works at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles in the Cardio-Thoracic ICU. Ivo stated "nursing is a profession, nursing is not just a job”. Nurses have been educated and have been validated by a professional licensure. Nurses are professionals because they can also work autonomously within their scope of practice. Nurses use critical thinking skills and determine nursing diagnoses. I agree with Ivo's response.

I believe nursing is a profession because nurses have a specialized education, even though the minimum education is only two years. Nurses are also considered healthcare experts and as a professional nurse we a set code of ethics and practice standards. I believe the most challenging standard of practice for a transitioning RN would be standard 15, leadership. Most upper management and leaders possess a BSN degree.

In the Journal of Nursing Administration, 72% of chief nurse officers identified differences in practice between BSN nurses and associate degree nurses.

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The study showed that BSN nurses have stronger critical thinking and leadership skills. Transitioning into a leadership role can be challenging because now you will become a role model, you must have greater interpersonal skills such as listening, being comfortable around upper management, and have excellent decision making capabilities. Its best to take advantage of your preceptor because they have been working for awhile and they know how it feels to be a preceptee also. An internship program is great also so that the transition phase from new grad to RN will be easier.

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A few of my values include the needs of my patients, caring for them with empathy and caring for them as a whole person. As a nurse I will not just see a patient as a set of symptoms, but I will care for them spiritually, physically, emotional, and their psychosocial needs. We are role models, not only to our peers but to the community and our families.

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